Brother And Sister Easter Baskets

One of my favorite aspects of parenting so far has been the Easter baskets.  At Christmas time we have mis-matched stockings and come Halloween I am okay with a semi-homemade costume.  But Easter.  There is something about the personalized Easter basket that I am pretty obsessed about.

It would be embarrassing for you to know just how much time I have spent picking out the fabric pattern and color and style of embroidered name.  Then to try to have them sort of match for photos.  It is pretty ridiculous.  But like I said - I am obsessed. 

The baskets are from Pottery Barn Kids.  I chose the Natural Sabrina baskets in large.  They do change some of their liner patterns every year so our son's is no longer available.

For our almost three year old I picked up some garden tools, felt vegetables, alphabet cards, and Easter window clings from the Target dollar section.  I found Peter and Flopsy stuffed animals at TJ-Maxx for each of the kids.  And then I ordered a Berenstain Bears book, elephant hand puppet (we have a pig one that he loves), mini non-spilling bubbles, and a wooden doctor kit.

For baby girl I finally settled on a pink gingham basket with bright pink lettering after finding a blog that showed this same basket (see...I told you...some heavy research here!).  I didn't want anything too ruffly and yet all pink is still pretty girly.  But it has a timelessness to it that I like.  

I also got her the same garden tools for when she gets bigger, the Flopsy stuffed animal, Peter Rabbit board book, and Target dollar section carrots that I just thought would be cute in the basket.  The big stuffed bunny is from Pottery Barn Kids that we already had in her nursery.  And we got her a Virginia personalized rattle from Bannor Toys (our son has a California one).  I also tucked in some bunny ears that we had.  And truly she won't be playing with any of these things any time soon but it was special for me to put this first Easter basket together.

It really is a bit of a dream to spoil little ones on special holidays.  We will plan to go to church early and come home to these baskets and a low key day at home.  I am very much looking forward to it!

Happy Easter!