Colorful Fall Birthday Party

My parents were recently here visiting during my dad's 70th birthday so we had a little colorful fall celebration. We had just arrived back home from a visit to Washington to see about relocating there. We were pretty exhausted and suffering from jet lag so I went with simple and easy but still fun.

We hosted my dad's birthday party back home many times and it was always a favorite of mine being in September because I got to incorporate some of my fall decorations. While the decorations this time were more about color than fall, it was fun to play with my already displayed fall decorations.

For the party decor I picked up everything while at Walmart. I was surprised at their wide range of paper party supplies. I usually go to Target but was quite pleased with the selection I found at Walmart.

I have shared this before, but since moving to the country we started just keeping a small helium tank around for blowing up balloons. It makes day of party prep so much easier. Plus, supposedly there was a helium shortage recently? Someone told me she couldn't get balloons filled the day of her daughter's birthday because of it! You never know. (I know...first world problems!)

I got everything set up early in the day and then blew up helium balloons right before the celebration.

Nothing fancy but celebrating with little ones always seems to feel like a super fun time! We hosted a work barbecue not too long ago and our son still thinks it was a birthday party for daddy! Pretty much guests and desserts means it's a party!

Plus a pinata sounded fun! They had quite a few at Walmart! Since this was mostly a grown up party we filled it with chocolate instead of cheap kid stuff!

We also took my dad to the Air and Space Museum in Dulles along with morning donuts and a cute 70th birthday shirt (similar to this). It was a very fun time!