Baby Girl's Updated Nursery in Virginia

We are currently setting up a new home in Washington but I wanted to share some updates I made to our baby girl's nursery in Virginia before we had moved.

After a few months of feeding our baby girl in her sweet room (and staring at the walls!) I craved a little change. I wanted to switch out the art for her Birth Poster as well as move her crib so she wouldn't grab at the curtains as she got older.

The room began as how I wanted it to look and then it merged into what was the most functional. New spaces seem to work this way for me and I figure it is all part of the process! I am learning that all over again as we start to set up our new home!

Things remained pretty neutral but I added colorful pom poms on her window that were leftover from big brother's birthday.

I switched the location of the crib with the book shelf and while they are two very different sizes the swap seemed to work out well. I always like to have something pretty to view as you walk by the door. The styled book shelf is the first thing you see when entering the room.

Since she has a lot of little things I like to use baskets to corral small items. A few new items include her Virginia rattle and name puzzle.

This room has been a special space to bring our baby girl home to. I am hoping to replicate most of it in our new home and look forward to sharing that with you all as well!

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