Whipped Coffee Recipe

Have you WHIPPED your coffee yet?! I'm hooked! I shared my mini journey to whipped coffee (also known as Dalgona coffee - not new but has seemed to be a quarantine trend) on Instagram but wanted to share it here as well! If you have any tips or yummy add ins, please share in the comments!

// W H I P P E D  C O F F E E //

+ 2 T instant coffee
+ 2 T sugar
+ 2 T boiling water

*I tripled this recipe and refrigerated the extra for later. Definitely recommend!

Whip ingredients in a stand mixer for approximately 5 minutes (I've heard you can also hand whip, use a hand mixer, or blender). Pour over ice and milk (any kind!). Stir and enjoy!

Sugar is part of the whipping process so no substitutions. But you can add more sugar or other flavorings to taste. And you can also use decaf!