A Garden Play Table

We added a cute little table to our front yard for the kids to play on and it has been such a fun addition to our yard. I found the table for free in a local community group and I painted it white. I have not picked up free furniture in years! It felt like an old part of me was brought back to life!

We love the Christopher Robin movie and I absolutely adore the opening scene with all the animals sitting at a table out in the woods. One of these days I would love to have a big wooden dining style table on our back patio but for now this little one will do. But we lovingly call it my Winnie The Pooh table. Or as our son says - "Honey the Pooh!" Kids truly say the sweetest things!

I love how the table looks right in front of the bushes! A perfect little backdrop. I thought it might be fun to hang a banner or some kind of decor behind the table for special activities or holidays.

I added two little Ikea chairs we already had which unfortunately are not holding up to all the rain too well. I try to tuck them under the table when not in use but the seats are already quite warped. Lesson learned. We will see how long they last but luckily they are pretty inexpensive.

My hopes as the kids get older is that we can do some outdoor crafting out here. For now we did some water painting and played tea with our outdoor water toys. Just something a little different from the norm made for a fun afternoon. 

We have a lot of tucked away spots in our yard that I would love to create different play zones. I am dreaming up a play mud kitchen and an outdoor painting spot.  So much fun!