Outdoor Picnic

Our current lunch time routine includes an outdoor picnic, even if it is raining! The days continue to overflow into each other. If it wasn't for a dinner calendar on the refrigerator, I might loose track of the days! This is not a complaint but rather an observance of life in this current season.

Our days start out with breakfast, then a learning activity (now including my daughter which is a joyful challenge!), and then we head out for a run/walk for me with the stroller while my son tags along on his bike.

We then head home for lunch and outdoor play. Then a quick snack and show while I take a shower. And we are through the biggest hump of our day. Aw nap time. Sweet bliss.

Why we love outdoor picnics:
+ no crumbs to sweep up!
+ messy eating and messy play time can happily be together
+ transitioning from morning play to nap is a great time to change into cozy clothes
+ I can see my children play from the kitchen while I prep lunch in peace
+ sitting outside is peaceful for us all

The end. :)