Tips For Staying Well

As our family enters more and more back into the world, I am reminding myself of some habits to start at home for keeping us as well as I possibly can. They are my go to's for cold and flu season but with a summertime spin. Fall will be here before we know it so I'm happy to kick off these habits now as little daily rituals.

+ Opening the windows every morning to clean the air

+ Running humidifiers in bedrooms at night to help kill off germs 

+ Diffusing thieves regularly. Diffuse in bedrooms with lavender at night.

+ Signs of a sore throat or possibly a cold - thieves lozenges, change sheets, clean towels, can even change toothbrushes

+ Cleaning with thieves cleaner

+ Getting plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and time outside

+ House plants to help clean the air

+ We also like using thieves hand sanitizer - I feel better about using this with my kids who are constantly eating or licking their hands! And it doesn't dry out my hands as much.

+ Yoga to help fight off joint pain that keeps me from sleeping well

+ Elderberry supplement 

+ Say a prayer and trust God is in control! Journaling and quiet time to keep my heart at peace.

Stay well friends!

I have a wellness Instagram account @domesticfashionistawellness that I periodically post at. I do not sell essential oils at the moment, but I love sharing what I have learned and how I use them at home, with my kids, and for personal use.