A New Way Of Documenting: My Quarantine Journal

Back in May I was struggling with ways of documenting things. For so many years I have trained myself to share or write things online - be it the blog or on social media. And while I go back and forth about this often, for the first time I really felt like I needed something else.

So I picked up journaling, something I have not done for years. And it has been such a wonderful daily habit (well, most days!).

For whatever reason, whether my own insecurities about sharing things or simply needing a break from the constant buzz of the internet, I felt a freedom to write in ways I haven't in a long time. As the world has gone through so much this year, I believe that there is a circumstantial hesitancy that has occurred in my life about what I share. I want to be encouraging but not make light of things. It has definitely been a hard balance.

While on the other side, I also feel like simply writing for myself has become such a wonderful discipline and mind shift. To process and document in order to find joy in the everyday. I write sweet things my kids say, highlights from life at home, and things I am grateful for when things seem so heavy.

And because I am such a visual person, I even include little instax prints from photos off my phone that help remind me of this time. Photos of flowers from our garden, adventures with my kids, and another cup of whipped coffee!

It is a beautiful daily ritual I look forward to at nap time that is helping me find the beauty in the everyday.