Thoughts On My Babies Growing Up

Our sweet boy turned four recently and we had the most fun celebrating him with a space themed party! I cannot wait to share it with you! Until then I wanted to share a little blurb I put together the night before his birthday. These days of mothering are bittersweet. They go by too quickly. 


One more sleep before my baby turns four. While I thought it was sweet, I never understood why I would see my friends capturing a photo with their little one the night before their birthday. BUT I GET IT NOW.

It is a last desperate attempt at capturing my baby right as they are. That somehow through a photo I will encompass a year of highs, lows, milestones, and countless hugs. All in fear that tomorrow something will be different.

Thankfully, in my four years of mothering I have learned that they don't actually change overnight. Instead it is in the day to day they quietly grow up. It is in the joyous occasions - first words, first steps, first bike ride, first time away from each other - that they grow up right before my eyes. I'm too busy celebrating to realize my baby is becoming their own little person.

So as I keep telling him, I'm a little sad and a little happy about him turning four. But just like Daniel Tiger teaches us - it's okay to have mixed up feelings.

Mothering this sweet boy has been one of my life's greatest honors. Tomorrow we turn a chapter in his life. How lucky I am to simply be a part of it.