Whimsical Garden: Preschool Lesson Plan

I am calling this whimsical garden because it kind of evolved into it! It started out as weather then kind of became a bunch of spring time crafts I wanted to do and then I tried to find books that went along with it.

So while these may be spring like activities, I am going with whimsical garden so that it can be applicable all year around! Because it is okay to be a parent that simply wants your child to make a bunch of flower and rainbow crafts to also do yourself!

D A Y // 1

+ Read Very First Book Of Things To Spot
+ Read Big Book of Colors
+ Butterfly collage craft

D A Y // 2

+ Read Mrs. Peanuckles Flower Alphabet (the most beautiful flower board book!)
+ Egg carton flower craft

D A Y // 3

+ Read I Can Grow A Flower
+ Read The Secret Garden
+ Paper plate snail craft

D A Y // 4

+ Reread one of our books
+ Cardboard rainbow craft

D A Y // 5

+ Reread one of our books
+ Another cardboard rainbow craft! Used paper, pipe cleaners (from this great art kit), paintable OOLY glitter glue (no mess! - but I unfortunately can't find a link), and cotton balls