Astronaut Space Birthday Party


Our son turned four this summer and we celebrated with a super fun astronaut space theme. It was mid quarantine so we celebrated with the four of us as well as my parents. We have had small parties in the past with the whole moving and not knowing a lot of people trend. But even still, it was strange to have such a quiet celebration. And it was his first birthday celebration without our Virginia neighbors. Bittersweet for sure.

And I apologize in advance that some of the photos are out of order. But my blog platform just got a big update and I have yet to work out the kinks. But we will carry on despite that!

Since we went with an astronaut space theme, we got him this cute astronaut costume and hung it up with his gifts for him to wake up to. He was VERY excited and quickly put it on!

For my one big impact decoration I made this cardboard rocket out of two large home depot boxes. It worked out great for our party and photos. And was a very entertaining play piece for weeks!

The star and moon balloons I found at Target.

I put up a star banner, also from Target, on the fireplace. 

Also, it always bothers me that our TV chords are still showing. But because of the fireplace, it is a little tricky to run it through the wall. It is on our to do list one of these days!

For the dessert and party display I used the helmet that came with his astronaut suit along with more star banners and a Happy Birthday sign I made out of card stock and gold letter stickers.

For the cupcake display, I got this fun wooden rocket toy set that doubled as a gift. It came with additional wooden astronauts and space vehicles. It is very cute. I also used these space tube toys for cupcake toppers.

Our spoiled birthday boy got plenty of gifts sent via Amazon from our family in California. So I wrapped them all in paper bags with stickers.

We then later used our new rocket toy to turn our train station into a space station!

We later went on a little walk and bike ride and let him ride with some balloons tied to his bike!

Here is another photo of his easy space gift wrap that I blogged about here.

For lunch we headed outside since the summer weather is so nice here in Washington. I put together an easy and delicious grazing board for kids and adults to equally enjoy!

It was a pretty special day for our sweet four year old. It is always a little bittersweet as a mom to have these birthdays pass feeling like my babies are growing so quickly. But it was a happy day celebrating the wonderful big boy that he is becoming.