Our First Washington Snow | Last January


2020 is practically coming to a close but I still wanted to share our first snow in Washington from January. It was pre-covid, we were finally unpacked, and it was the perfect welcome to our new home. We weren't sure how much snow we would get compared to Virginia. And the week long snowed in event gave us great hope we could continue to have all the beautiful snow covered dreams we had grown to love.

While my brave husband continued to four-wheel out of our neighborhood to get to work, it seemed like everything else was closed for a full week of snow days. We chatted with people walking out in the snow. School was canceled and many were not working or worked from home. It was lovely and like a movie to us native Californians!

To the right of our house is a storm water creek. There are many of these in our neighborhood where all the storm water can drain out to. It often fills up due to the rain and continued to flow during our little snow storm. 

It was our own little Narnia and we can only hope for a little more snow this winter season.