Our Daugther's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet girl recently turned two and I can barely believe it. It has been a long and strange year for us all. But to think our girl has lived half of her life through a pandemic is just crazy. While time seemed to stop in some ways, it is my kids who quickly grew up before my eyes this past year. 

We celebrated low key with an early party while my parents were in town visiting. I decided to go with a paper fan and tissue paper tassel theme. It was colorful and girly and felt right for a simple but special day for our girl. 

I took a million pictures of the cake in front of the paper fan wall. Here is my attempt at narrowing it down to a handful! I bought the fans on Amazon: Set 1 and Set 2 and the two cake topper is from Glitter Party Co.

We are still going strong in the paper bag wrapping game. I used some of our Valentine heart doilies and ribbon to dress the gifts up.

We got her this sweet little backpack and doll as her gift.

I have been more into the be creative and buy less mood lately which has been good and refreshing. So I looked back at my old tutorial at making a tissue paper tassel banner and was reminded that it is SO EASY! And so rewarding to make myself. It was actually quite fun...coming from a mother of two in her third trimester of pregnancy who suffers with carpal tunnel! It has been six years since I have made one of these. It was time to bring it back!

She was so happy waking up to a room of balloons. It really is the simplest of things that bring kids joy. I keep trying to remind myself this as it is so tempting to go over the top (especially during the pandemic).

This is the first time I have bought a special outfit for a special occasion for my kids (usually we just use what we have!). But given this past year I realized we didn't have any special girl outfits. So a new dress and a bow (from Princessory on Etsy) was in order.

She really just wanted to spend the day playing but with a little doughnut bribing we got her to take a few pictures!

And of course gifts were a hit. Our kids are always so spoiled by their extended family who sends gifts with my parents or in the mail.

By cake time she warmed up a little more to the photos and was happy to stick her finger in the frosting while I snapped away with the camera!

And a second candle blowing so her big brother could help (and so I could get more pictures!).

Not our best family photo...but good enough in the midst of the crazy!

A big snack platter is becoming our family tradition for birthdays and holidays. It is so easy and nobody seems to complain!

Letting the kids pick what they want and how much they want to eat seems to be a gift in itself! I am happy to let them have this special freedom.

I also had some paper ball decorations in my Valentine bin from a ladie's tea years ago that I hung up in our dining room. It was fun to use them again!

It was a happy day of celebrating. We love our baby girl and cannot believe how grown up she is getting.

She loved this new wooden ferris wheel toy.