Stairway And Upstairs Hallway Decor: My Favorite "Room" Of The House

It seems a little silly to say but our stairway is probably my favorite "room" of the house. While not really a room it is used often as we go up and down the stairs daily with our kids. It has really great big windows that stream in the most natural light than any other space in our house. And I love the black and white photos and frames telling the sweet story of our family.

It leads up to our upstairs hallway that includes two bedrooms - a nursery, shared room for our big kids, and a bathroom. The natural light continues to stream into this space. And with it's minimal room for decor, it simply features some of my favorite things - favorite photos of our family and a few pieces of furniture.

While the home was advertised as a three bedroom house, the room we use for a nursery had no closing wall or door. So after living here a few months my husband put up a wall to help keep our little girl sleeping without the flooding of noise from the rest of the house. The wall isn't finished but it at least is a sound barrier and we also now have a door to close!

We switched out the light fixtures with these lights from Ikea (that unfortunately don't seem to be available anymore). They are in both the upstairs and downstairs hallway and have just the right farmhouse touch.

Having a stairway has always felt like such a luxury since we lived in a single story house for more than half of our marriage. It is the perfect place for showcasing photos and I love that we have two stretches of stairs that I could fill with frames.

The chandelier is a thrifted and spray painted original from back in the day. I love taking these special pieces with us to each of our homes. I am not sure if chandeliers are still in but I think it brightens up this stairwell perfectly.

I found that the stairway was a great place to keep my plants alive during the winter. I loved it so much I have decided to keep one permanently here.

You can see the view of the stairs from our couch in the living room. I love that I can see when the sun shines through or for a great view of the trees on our property. 

My next project is to paint the front door white (and the skinny window next to it). I think it will make a huge difference in brightening up the space.

 And as you can see, we continued the same Ikea lights downstairs. I love the little bit of black contrast.

And here are the listing photos of the entry, the room that is now the nursery (and where we put up the wall and door), and the stairway. I think we have come a long way at brightening up this house! We bought this house sight unseen from Virginia and I remember our realtor warning us the house was very dark. I was a little nervous about this as we had grown so used to such great natural lighting in our homes. But I am proud to say that we are lightening up this home little by little with some white paint and furniture!