Postpartum Updates


Just over four weeks postpartum and this is what I know...

+ I continue to feel like a feeding machine. I switch off every hour and a half to nurse and pump. Our little guy is slowly gaining so I know it will all be worth it.

+ Having a few productive moments outside of newborn care each day feels life giving. Baking cookies or a simple craft with the big kids allows us to spend time together while also feeling like I'm accomplishing something. I don't usually care for doing laundry but doing a load a day feels so good right now. Even a little online shopping (picked out my mothers day gift!) put a bounce in my step. 

+ Being able to get outside changes the tone of our day immensely. Praying for sun daily.

+ I can still get a bit teary eyed about things. But my crying at least daily for the first two weeks has finally ended and I'm feeling a bit more like myself again. The baby blues were strong this time around.

+ Recovery has been going well. Until one of my children jumped on me and kicked me in the lady parts! Bleeding has come back and it's my reminder to take it easy even when I start feeling like I'm ready to do more.

+ Gentleness may need to be my word for awhile. Gentle with myself. Gentle with my children and husband. Slowness and lots of kindness always feel better at the end of the day than busy and impatient.

+ And that sweet baby makes this all worth it. Trying to savor every moment, even the challenging ones, to fully embrace this sweet and short time.

+ My husband went back to work this week and though I will miss the help, I think it is the companionship that I will miss the most. Family leave time is always a unique experience. We joke it's like a very exhausting staycation! And lucky for me his work still means working from home.

This time together has made me even more grateful for his partnership as we navigate parenting three little ones. The unending time together is a blessing and seeing him bond with our children is always so sweet. He does so much to serve our family and I am forever grateful.

These three are so lucky to have him. And I am so thankful to do this life with my best friend.