My Favorite Everyday Latte Recipe

As the weather begins to turn cooler, I am so excited to sip on more hot teas and coffee for all the wonderful feelings of fall. While I love the little boost in my mood that caffeine provides, I especially love the aroma, warmth, and familiar flavors that come with the beautiful ritual of making a hot cup of tea or coffee.

I love a sweet drink so keep that in mind if you try this recipe. Like I am all about the white chocolate iced mocha from any drive through coffee place! I know it's not for everyone, but for me, coffee and tea is a delicious sweet treat. It is especially delicious in peace while my children are napping!

I have been working on my sweetened latte recipe for years and I finally am confident enough to go ahead and share it. It has become full proof and so easy to whip up. I hope you enjoy it!

I use the same recipe for tea or coffee as well as hot or iced. For iced I let the drink cool for just a little bit so that it doesn't completely water down the drink over ice.


My Favorite Everyday Latte

1/2 cup water for tea OR strong coffee

1 cup of milk of choice (I really love oat milk right now as it froths well but any milk or milk alternative works)

2-4 tablespoons of vanilla Torani syrup (I usually do about 3 tablespoons)

Warm water for tea or brew strong coffee. Once tea or coffee is made warm up milk and Torani syrup (I just use the microwave because THREE children). Once milk is heated, froth using a hand frother. Pour over tea or coffee.

For iced - I usually do the same steps without the frothing and pour over ice. Though cold froth is delicious and worth trying if you haven't before!

Favorite Tools

For making these I like to use the following:

+ We use canning jars as our everyday glasses and I find that I can eyeball my water/coffee and milk measurements pretty easily

+ I have this milk frother and it has served me well over the years

+ I buy this oat milk (not all oat milks are the same and don't froth as well)

+ I like to measure my Torani syrup with this little measuring cup like the fancy coffee shops use 

+ I got a Porter ceramic mug and I LOVE it - keeps my drink warm but can also be put in the microwave or dishwasher like a traditional coffee mug. GAME CHANGER.

+ Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro is my all time favorite decaf hot tea - black with a hint of vanilla 

+ I also love Trader Joe's Chai Tea which you just mix with water - so even though it doesn't apply to this recipe, it is my absolute favorite and so needed to be mentioned :)

+ I don't buy coffee creamer as much these days but during the holidays I love to get flavored creamers like pumpkin, peppermint, and egg nog. YUM.

+ I also really like the Torani white chocolate syrup when I am needing something really decadent

*Photos from our Virginia home when I had more roome to hold my amazing coffee mug collection. I sadly got rid of most of my mugs in our move and am happy to report I am doing just fine on a few favorites. And hopefully there is some wonderful women in our small town of Virginia loving my Anthropologie mugs they snagged at the Goodwill!