Letting Go And Moving On: Lessons In Downsizing

I spent all of last week doing a giant purge before we got the Christmas decorations out. I got rid of two relatively large pieces of furniture and was forced to downsize it’s contents. It was stressful and overwhelming but also the freedom I’ve been looking for.

After living here now for almost two years, I finally built up the confidence to accept that if I wanted our home to feel more comfortable, I had to downsize our possessions even more. It’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. But I’m grateful for a season to choose less.

Our Virginia home was so beautiful and our biggest home that we have lived in. We often miss how comfortable it was. But that season of living there was hard on our souls (and I admit part of my way of coping was having the financial means to fill it with pretty things). While we miss that wonderful home, it has been moving here that we have found peace and reconciliation in our marriage and family dynamic. We are still constantly learning and growing but it has been in this cozy house that brought us to a fresh start.

It was time to accept this home for what it is and create a space that I loved. I’m happy to say I love every wall and corner now. And it all finally came from letting go of some stuff.

It was the peacefulness I needed to refocus my heart and spirit for the upcoming holiday season. As well as the days to come living in our cottage in the woods. I am doing my best to move forward with gratitude and slowness and it’s a good place to be.

Said goodbye to one of my last big pieces of furniture that was thrifted and refinished back when we lived in California. It's bitter sweet but I'm glad to see it get a second life in a new home.