Simplicity And Contentment

I wrote this sometime in December but never shared it. While we are no longer knee deep in the holidays, I figured the sentiment on simplicity is still applicable any time of year. :)


I’ve had simplicity on my mind this holiday season. But I also want to be content and to savor no matter the circumstances - to not let the pursuit of simple become the new idol.

I want to cultivate peace but expect life to still be unpredictable. I’m not in control. But I can create a pace that is more welcoming to interruptions. 

As we finish off the year and prepare for a new one, I want to continue to simplify and have less stuff. But I also want to release my irritability. The pursuit of less is not what will lead to happiness. It is in contentment that joy and peace can be found in any circumstance.

As we look forward to Christmas and the days to follow I am looking forward to special moments with my kids, family time, relaxing with my husband, and enjoying a little time off to rest. 
The gifts and holiday festivities are fun but it is the slowness and peace seeking that will linger in our hearts into the new year.