Playdoh Sensory Bin Kit DIY

I put together a fun little Playdoh sensory bin kit for my kids. We have a whole collection of Playdoh and tools but I thought it would be fun to combine some other craft items to encourage a new way of playing. I went through our craft bin and sensory bin supplies to compile a kit for each of my big kids.

My plan is to keep these kits the same for a little while and then change them out for something else later. The divided bins are from Ikea and are a bit bigger than I had thought. A smaller bin would work just fine as well. I also saved the Playdoh containers to store the Playdoh in as the bins are not airtight.

Some supplies we used:

+ Glitter Playdoh

+ Small toys - flowers

+ Playdoh tools

+ Pom poms

+ Little scoops