Post Pandemic Thoughts And Adjustments

While this virus is far from gone, we are coming out of pandemic culture as a family. We are getting back out into the world, face free and open to the hopes of new relationships, community, and a bit of a sense of normalcy. Yet in the midst of the sudden surge of busy we are finding our grounds as we move forward weary and tired. What we all hoped for, for so long, comes as bittersweet as we reevaluate our priorities and desire for more life outside the walls of our home.  

We have been working on a lot of growth, patience, reconciliation, and forgiveness as we navigate our marriage and relationships with our children in this new season. We are eager to do more yet find our family needs some grounding in the midst of it. It is a complicated juggling act that I am realizing we will never completely get down.  

I am faced with my own disappointment of not meeting my unrealistic expectations of myself as a person, wife, and mother. I feel burdened by the littlest of things but find it as an opportunity to surrender control and let go of past hurts that linger and surprisingly arise through current day frustrations.  

I am reminded that this earth is not our home. And I settle in knowing that I will never truly be content until I am heaven bound.  

So until then we continue to try to love, say I’m sorry, and see this quickly passing life as if the cup is half full. Because truly when I look at my family - my cup is overflowing. We are so lucky and so blessed. Yet also equally human, hurting, selfish, and dissatisfied. So somewhere in it all we put another step forward trusting in all that is good and beautiful.