Our Son's Birth Story | Baby #3

Our sweet baby #3 was born in April of 2021. Just a little over a year later and I am getting around to sharing his birth story. My previous two little ones had much more difficult labors. So as I look back and remember some of the details of his arrival, I am so grateful that things went so smoothly.

At the end of the day we are always just thankful for a healthy baby - no matter how they come into the world. That being said, here is our story.

Tuesday: 38 weeks, 4 days

We headed in for my scheduled membrane sweep. With the size of baby and previous shoulder dystocia complications, we were advised to not go past 39 weeks. 

I went from 3 cm to 5 cm dilated. My hospital midwife was pretty confident we would go into labor soon. She even suggested to come in for the covid test if things started moving so that we could get it taken care of and out of the way. 

We went to breakfast at the cutest little coffee shop and cafe nearby. Brent kept asking me if I felt anything. Nothing changed so we tried to just soak up the time together. Afterwards we headed to the arboretum to walk around and kill some time. Lots of looks at the crazy pregnant lady walking on the trail! 

After two hours I started to feel tired and discouraged. Unsure what to do, we decided to head home. 

I took a nap, our neighbor brought us pizza for dinner, and I continued to have no signs of labor beginning. My midwife even called to check in and she joked that I was way to chill on the phone for 5 cm dilated! She thought for sure I would have gone into labor by then.

Thursday: 38 weeks, 6 days

Two days later and still nothing. So I headed in for my second scheduled membrane sweep. No signs of labor yet. But my other 40 week babies just remind me that they will come when they want! So I went in with no expectations. 

If nothing happened, I would have my induction the next day. We met a different midwife who was in that day and would do my membrane sweep. She was very nice which put my mind at ease if she was to deliver me instead of my regular midwife. 

This membrane sweep was much more aggressive and painful. Afterwards I was still at 4-5cm. I was able to take my covid test while we there because even if I was induced the next day, I was still in the window of time they accepted the test. And assuming that the test came back negative I would not have to wear a mask during labor. 

We went to breakfast at another adorable cafe nearby. I have never eaten so good or gotten so many dates out with Brent in a row! I had the most delicious oatmeal cobbler french toast. 

I started having mild contractions 3 minutes apart. Things were very apparent that labor was beginning. I would take breaks in between conversation with Brent to work through contractions. It all seemed quite humorous that I was doing this while eating, waiting in line for the bathroom, and waiting on our bill! 

Things were not too intense yet but we also didn’t want to drive home just to turn around and come back. I went ahead and called after we ate and they said to come in to start my antibiotics for group B strep so that it would hopefully be in my system for four hours before delivery. 

In the short drive back to the hospital, things started moving. I could feel the contractions with every bump in the road! 

12 Noon: I was admitted at 5 cm

My covid test literally had just come back and was negative. Called my parents to let them know we wouldn't be coming home. The contractions were getting stronger and it was time. Got an IV in and planned to get an epidural. Lots of conversation and getting things set up and I was very ready for the epidural around 2 pm. 


The epidural was just as painful as before. I had intentions of getting it before my contractions were too bad but again, I waited a little too long. As I worked through contractions and they struggled to get the right spot – tears were streaming and snot in my mask! 

The sweet nurse encouraged me that it was okay to take my mask off. Epidural was in and I could finally breathe! We chatted with the nurse who was from the East Coast and was moving to California. We commiserated about East Coast weather and the feel of the different places we have lived in. It was so nice to be able to relax and have a conversation in the midst of labor!

We used the peanut to get baby in better positioning. Everything was chill. Brent got to sit with me and talk. It was a dream compared to my previous deliveries! 

I got in my 4 hours of antibiotics. Timing was perfect for everything! 

Midwife comes in to check on me and thinks that I am ready. She says let’s do a practice push! First push and she says this baby is coming out! I feel a gush like I have never felt before. One more push and he was out! We all laughed. The easiest delivery ever! 

Our baby boy was born at 6:11 pm. My easiest and most peaceful labor yet! What a joy to meet our baby boy. 

He ended up having low body temperature for a few hours after delivery and had to be monitored with concern about infection. So we were a bit nervous and were hesitant to celebrate with our family anxiously awaiting photos and updates via text. 

But all ended up resolved and we got admitted to recovery within a few hours. On Friday my midwife and her nurse came to see us and the baby. It made me feel so grateful for such wonderful care. 

The lactation consultants and nurses were awesome, attentive, and helpful. The cafeteria delivered food we could order (due to covid - so that we didn't leave the room). We headed home Friday night feeling so well taken care of. Big brother and sister got to meet their new baby brother right before bed and it was the sweetest thing ever. Feeling so blessed by my precious little family. 

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