Kid's Medical Files Folder

I recently went through all my kid's medical documents and files that we have had since their birth. I shared years ago, this great medical record file system to use with a newborn. Since then, I have had three of these. Our oldest is now six and so it was time for me to purge and organize these files.

I still wanted to keep the paperwork they get from the pediatrician. With living in three different states, multiple different hospitals and pediatricians, and simply wanting easy access to their medical records, I have rationalized keeping these around. I may never need to go through them but keeping it all in one file folder felt safe enough!

Each kid has a folder for all their pediatrician paperwork. And then a smaller file for each kid with birth paperwork. The sentimental keepsake stuff is stored away in their keepsake boxes. So this is just records and information that maybe someday I may need! And if not, it will be easy to access and toss when the time comes.

And I reused the file folders from the baby medical record files. I just updated it with my label maker! Easy peasy!