First Haircut + Free First Haircut Certificate Printable

Our little guy got his first haircut this summer. We decided to have Brent cut his hair at home as he has been cutting our other son's hair for about four years. For such a milestone moment, I feel like I trust him enough to do a good job now! Plus we all were happy to save a little money. 

But of course, I needed a first haircut certificate and plenty of photos to document this big moment. You can find the free printable at the end of this post.

You can say he was not a huge fan of getting his haircut - as first haircuts seem to go! There was definitely snacks and television involved! But it was time and he looked so handsome when he was done. Just another reminder that my baby is growing up.

Free My First Haircut Certificate Printable:

Room on the left side of the certificate to tape on a photo!