We're Having Another Baby! - Pregnant With Baby #4

Hi friends! It has been pretty quiet around here. And now you can all know why! We are having another baby. Baby #4!!!

In the past I have tried to continue to have an online presence through the first trimester. But oh man. This one has been rough. I finally have the energy to sit at my computer and share this with you all today.

We took these sweet and silly pictures the weekend after we found out knowing that it would only be a matter of time that I would get hit with morning sickness. And then within a week and a half I was hit with all day nausea and constant throwing up - as I did with my last two pregnancies. Then we all got hit with a couple of rounds of sickness (thank you pandemic children back in school!) - stomach flu, colds, and pink eye. It has been a long two months!

But I am starting to see the light that my morning sickness will eventually end. I am hoping that in a few more weeks I will be feeling better. I am thrilled to be in the second trimester now and baby's expected due date is June 6th.

We are so excited to add one more baby to our little crew. This baby was planned in case you are wondering! When I was pregnant with our third we decided we would like to have one more. Even though pregnancies have been difficult on me and three little ones often already feels like a lot, we knew long term we wanted a big family. So we decided we would try to make it happen one more time.

And we are so grateful that we have been blessed with this fourth pregnancy! These kiddos sure are lucky to get one more sibling to love!

Our two oldest are very excited for another baby. They were quite surprised (as it seems everyone is!). But they caught on quickly and can't wait for the baby to arrive.

It seems like just yesterday this little peanut was born. I cannot believe he is already graduating to big brother!

We took our first "family photo" when I got a positive pregnancy test, as we always have. We got the kids up out of bed and they were so confused! We hadn't told them yet but they happily obliged and then went back to bed.

Again, we were not surprised to be pregnant. But this is sort of how we felt. Yes we want this, but maybe we are crazy? And really - this pretty much sums up my feelings about the morning sickness, carpal tunnel, and joint pain that I know is all to come. But the temporary difficulties we know are only temporary. A lifetime with another little human in our family will forever be a blessing.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement...and maybe a little of our insanity! I so appreciate your support and prayers as I grow another tiny baby in my belly. We already had one minor scare when I had a couple of days of spotting. Fortunately all is well. But it was a reminder of how scary and worrisome it can be until that baby is finally in our arms. 

So until then, we continue to pray and grow our faith, in this process of the miracle of life. We cannot wait to meet you sweet baby!