Monarch Butterfly Birthday Party


Our daughter turned four in February. To celebrate, we put together a simple and beautiful monarch butterfly party. It was one of the easiest yet loveliest of parties for our sweet girl. I found some ideas on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with the idea. Luckily, my daughter was plenty happy to have a butterfly theme! 

The main decorations were monarch butterfly clip art I found online and cut out. I spent the whole Super Bowl cutting them out with plenty of pregnancy carpal tunnel breaks in between! But a few hours of work while hanging out on the couch was the bulk of my work. I was so pleased with how some simple cuts outs could make such a bold statement!

I pulled out all my pink and white ribbon I had and hung it over our fireplace for an easy and pretty garland. I really didn't want to spend a ton of money but also knew I wouldn't have a lot of energy to do too many DIYs while pregnant. I started early with these few little projects and it ended up being just the right amount of decor.

The kids got so excited to find butterflies in the plants as well! The littlest of details can bring so much joy.

The other big statement decoration was butterfly wings on all the chairs. I found this set that had a nice mix of pink and purple for our daughter with some muted yellow and green for our boys.

Birthday donuts have been a tradition that Brent and I started long before we had kids. Now for birthday parties, Brent picks up some donuts the morning of for us to have for breakfast. It is nice to have a festive and easy meal to kick off the party without having to do any cooking or dishes.

I also found some glitter butterfly cupcake toppers that we used on the donuts and cake along with the clip art. The napkins and plates are Meri Meri from Target.

The birthday girl came downstairs to find the living room all decorated for her special celebration. I also purchased this cute tutu dress that ended up being a quality find.

I love watching them get excited and spot out all the little party details. It makes me heart so happy to surprise them.

Our oldest son made this sweet little banner for her plate to eat off of.

The happiest little butterfly!

Some butterfly gifts her big brother made her!

The happiest of birthdays for our newly four year old. She sure has grown up quickly! We just adore our special girl.