Our Baby Girl's Name | Baby #4

I am so excited to share our baby girl's name with you all today! It still feels unreal at times we are having another baby but giving her a name is helping us all settle in to the idea. We are so excited to meet our sweet girl in a few months!


We are naming her Naomi Ann (pronounced nay-OH-me). Naomi means beautiful and gentle.

Her middle name Ann is named after my grandmother who I unfortunately never knew as she passed away when I was very young. But she brought my mom from Taiwan to the United States providing a new life and legacy for our family.

Our sweet girl is already so loved. (And our poor little Judah in a choke hold! lol)

While the name is sentimental, I did not expect all the responses I got when sharing her name. There is something powerful about a meaningful name. We hope that it helps shape and grow her into the woman she was made to be. And while I have no memories of my grandmother, her one action of bringing my mom and uncle to America forever changed the path of so many. I am humbled and grateful.

"Love that name and celebrating our roots. So cool."

"I love it! The story of Naomi and Ruth (from the Bible) are closely tied to Feast of Weeks and Pentecost (and close to when you are due). The fact that the name Ann shares a story about coming to another land that brought life and legacy is so fitting. What a beautiful name that will share a great story!"

"I love it! Naomi is such a pretty name. And I'm so grateful for your grandmother Ann. Your whole family has been such a blessing to my life."