Baby Girl Quilt | Baby #4

I made a quilt for our baby girl that I use to take her weekly pictures on. I have made one for each of my kids to use for their photos and then it eventually ends up as the decorative quilt on the foot of their big kid bed. 

Each quilt has always been so special to make and is also reflective of my own personal style and fabric trends of that time. Lets just say, after four kids in seven years, the fabric selection out there now is amazing. I am in love with this quilt!

The colors are darker and moodier than what I have used in the past. It also is making the photos come out richer in color. 

I usually use one fabric pattern for the back but had trouble finding just one that felt right. So I did more mixed fabrics and have used the backside for our photos as well. It is fun to have a wider variety of background this time around.

All the fabric is from Spoonflower, an online fabric store. It is quite a bit pricier than the fabric store but there is a huge selection. Plus when I am pregnant, it is nice to order the fabric in the comfort of my own home!

My kids were really interested in what I was making so we used some of our scrap fabric to make mini quilts for their stuffies. It was really sweet and fun. Then I promised them that when I am not pregnant or have a newborn, I will help them sew their own quilt one day!

Little helpers helping me figure out the fabric placement.

To make things easier, I grab one of my other kid's quilts to use as guide for about how long to make it. It is probably just a little shorter than two yards.

All lined up and ready to sew!

And I use Spoonflower's build a quilt tool to figure out what fabrics I want and how they will look next to each other. It still ends up being slightly different when I get the fabric at home but it definitely helps me narrow down my choices.

And here are the weekly pictures of our sweet baby girl on her quilt so far:

Here is the scrap quilts I made with my two big kids. We used scrap fabric we had from the quilts and then I took them to the fabric store to pick out fabric for the back. They loved that!

And while I was at it, I also made a minky blanket for our baby girl. I order minky printed fabric from Spoonflower and then got minky fabric from the craft store for the back side. This is a really easy sewing project that gives each of my kiddos a special cozy blanket.