Our Baby Girl's Birth Story | Baby #4

This is the story of our sweet baby girl's birth. All of my labors have been drastically different. This time my water broke for the first time. I share lots of details as my body responded so differently and I was trying to keep track of it all. Some of it is a little TMI, but I know that I have been grateful to hear from other's on their birth stories, making the whole experience less daunting. Giving birth is a whirlwind - here is the closing chapter to our family birth stories.

*  *  *  *  *

The week before:

Felt nauseous and uncomfortable last night. Took a bath in the morning. Then quite a bit of diarrhea all of the sudden. Looked it up and found out this was an early sign of labor. Freaked out a bit. Decided to keep our son home from school. Lots of stomach cramping. Not sure if I’m having contractions but decided to start timing at 9:30 am. Contractions stopped midday.

The next few days:

More contraction like pain and nausea all night. Rough and exhausting. Barely slept. Woke up with more diarrhea and threw up. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed and unsure how I will continue enduring this. Followed up with the nurse and she suggested coming in for a cervical exam. Talked to a friend who encouraged me labor could be starting. Time to get our things in order. My friend comes over to watch the kids, our neighbor is ready to help, and my sister in law is waiting to see if she needs to make the drive from Idaho.

Cervical exam showed I was only 1 cm so no labor yet. Not sure if we should feel disappointed or relieved! Midwife said I could take Benadryl to help me sleep. Took a 4 hour nap and then slept through the night without any pain or contractions! So thankful for some much needed rest. Now we just wait things out.

I wake up still feeling nauseous and having diarrhea. Brent takes the day off from work to help out and get our son to school. My parents arrive tomorrow. Feeling grateful to have help in case these symptoms continue.

Tuesday, May 23
38 week membrane sweep. Went from 2.5 to 3.5 cm dilated. Brent and I went out to dinner and for ice cream to stay close by to the hospital. Some pressure and cramping but no contractions so we head home. My daughter cried when we came home because we didn’t have the baby with us! I think I had my bloody show when we got home. Did circuit exercises to try to get baby down lower. Inserted evening primrose oil vaginally (woke up with leaky oil everywhere!). Off to bed for a good night’s sleep. Went in and out of sleep and cramping but nothing drastic.

Wednesday, May 24
Seems like nothing is happening. Did more circuit exercises. Feeling a little nauseous and sore from yesterday. Tired and over it but trying to be patient. After circuit exercises I started having more cramping.

5:30 pm
Trickle of fluid twice then wiped bloody mucous (bloody show). Called labor and delivery. They said to put a pad on to see if I leak anymore.

6:30 pm
Laid down for awhile. Read an article that suggested laying down then getting up to see if more water would leak. Feeling emotional and in denial. I tell Brent I want to just go to bed but know that we should probably go in to get checked. It worked - sat up and started leaking again. 3 more times. Mucous and a little blood. Doesn’t seem like urine. Called labor and delivery again and it’s time to come in. No contractions. My midwife is still at the hospital for the night! Said goodbye to the kids just in case.

7:45 pm
Got to the hospital and checked to see if my water did actually break. Tests confirmed it did! Started getting some faint contractions. Can’t believe it’s actually time! So nice to have my regular midwife here. Took covid test. The nurses are great. Started on antibiotics for gbs+. Baby is head down but facing up. Will try to get her in better position.

10:30 pm
First dose of antibiotics done. Did our spinning babies moves to try to get baby in better placement. Took my mask off! Laid down to try to get some rest.

11:30 pm
More leaking fluid! Contractions are starting to get stronger and more consistent.

Thursday, May 25 // 38 Weeks 2 Days

12:00am - 1:00 am
Contractions are becoming regular. About every 5 minutes. Decide it’s time for the epidural. Takes awhile. They get the first in but struggle with the spinal tap. The attending has to step in to help the resident. Thankfully I got it early enough that the contractions aren’t too bad so we continue to muscle through. Frustrated this is the second not completely successful epidural I’ve had. But taking it for what it is and grateful to now be pain free. My antibiotics are done so we can start doing more to get things going. Get a cervical check and my midwife loosens things up. Now at 7 cm. Laughing about how asleep my legs are as they try to roll and adjust me. Brent and I get some sleep.

4 am
Trying to adjust my sleeping position. Feeling nauseous and end up throwing up a few times. Hoping this means things are progressing. But so tired and feeling yucky. Try to remember at least I’m not having to also deal with contractions. My nurse is so sweet and supportive.

8 am
Shift change - new nurses and a new midwife. A whole crew of students to observe. Cervical exam showed 9 cm! Baby girl’s arrival is just around the corner! Threw up again. Feeling tired and weak but we are almost there!

9 am
Everyone is ready because this baby is coming! Threw up a few more times. Feeling anxious about being nauseous while I push. A couple pushes and midwife tells me to slow down! 

A push and then a laugh and she is out! Takes a minute to clean her lungs and get her to cry. The nurses are clearing fluid, rubbing her, and telling her "c'mon Naomi!" I just see her dark hair and can't fathom her being here but not being okay. A stressful moment of praying but she finally cries! 

They check her out to be safe and then back to mama for skin to skin. Tears fill my eyes - our girl is okay and I can’t believe she is here! She takes to nursing right away. At least an hour of feeding. She is comfortable cozied up with mama. She is so precious. Our sweet girl.

I continued to throw up for another hour or so. It finally subsides and I can eat! While the labor was much less painful then others I have experienced, the nausea and vomiting brought a whole new level of discomfort. But it was finally pass and I could soak in snuggling with my baby girl. 

Our big kids were so sweet and excited to meet their new baby sister.