Baby's First Easter + What's In Our Easter Baskets

It is our baby girl's first Easter and I cannot believe how quickly her first year is flying by! She will be one in a few months. We commemorated this first holiday with some photos with her Easter basket. I have done this with all the kids and it is such a sweet and special little photo session for me. 

Here is a bunch of photos and at the end I share what is in my kids' Easter baskets this year!

She is a busy little bug, scooting around and exploring all the things! This was very evident as she tried to see all her fun goodies in her Easter basket.

They always look like they are in a boat, bobbling in the water! It makes me giggle so much. Sweet girl!!!

Her true personality coming out right here in this last photo. She is already getting loud and silly like her siblings!

What Is In Our Easter Baskets:

In our Easter baskets this year, I really focused on a no junk Easter. So we have a little bit of candy, books, consumable craft/activity supplies, and a new toy for each kid.

My two older kids are better understanding Jesus and why we celebrate certain holidays as a family. So we got a collection of books about Jesus - even some Christmas ones! I hope this will help them better understand our faith and encourage us to keep it in our everyday conversations.

God Gave Us Christmas

Baby Jesus Little Board Book

God Gave Us Easter

God Gave Us Heaven

Confetti crayons, new playdoh from my stash, and these Peeps lolipops looked fun!

Ryan and Rose silicone cross bracelets in pretty pastels.

Princess Little People for the girls to share, truck Little People for the toddler, and a new polybag Lego for our oldest. I am more in tune with the Lego world now and have started to get our son the polybag sets. He has a certain allotted space for Lego storage and it is already pretty full. So these small sets are great and usually under $10.

And new notebooks that the kids enjoy. We like to keep them in our car bags as well so they can color and draw on the go.

Happy Easter!