Kid's Healthy Popsicles

Anyone else have kids who want a treat every night after dinner?! While we love an after dinner dessert, it is something we try to space out or save for special occasions. So insert the healthy popsicle. It is our after dinner treat that the kids are allowed to have any night.

It is basically a frozen smoothie and my kids love it. Plus I put spinach in it so they are getting an extra serving of fruits and veggies.

I pop them all in a reusable bag that is easy for them to get themselves. Then I can make a second batch so we have plenty on hand (you can buy extra rings/sticks or use popsicle sticks).

I love this ring pop mold. They are super cute and the kids love picking out their shape - rectangle, oval, heart! Plus they are mini size which are great for littler ones - less messy and less waste.

 The ingredients I use:

+ Spinach

+ Frozen fruit (using banana or apple usually makes it sweeter and more kid friendly)

+ Milk

+ Sometimes I will use leftover yogurt

Blend ingredients and pour into your popsicle mold. It doesn't take much to fill up the mini popsicle molds so I pour the rest of the smoothie into a cup and store in the fridge. Once they are frozen, I use the leftover smoothie to make a second batch.

We love our Zoku Ring Pop Mold. You can buy extra or replacement sticks on the Zoku website.