Easy Taquitos

When life is busier, I am always looking for quicker ways to get dinner taken care of.  We have added more things to our schedule lately which has resulted in eating on the go.  I came up with a strategy to put together some delicious taquitos really quickly and easily.  They are perfect for putting in some tupperware to take to my cousin’s football games or for eating in the car driving to our small group.  DSC_0525I throw all the ingredients in my food processor:

-pre-cooked chicken (throw a frozen piece on the stove or George Foreman for quick cooking)

-cut up pieces of cheese

-onions (whenever I first cut an onion, the leftover that doesn’t get used gets chopped and put in the refrigerator so that I have easily accessible chopped onions all the time)


-anything else you have around the kitchen

After processed, pop the mixture into the microwave (speeds the time of cooking the taquitos on the stove).DSC_0530Roll into tortillas. 

Place on lightly greased pan on stove top to crisp up the tortillas.  Flip every few minutes.

If you have more time these can be baked in the oven as well.

Literally…10 minutes.  So easy.  Delicious.  And fairly healthy…especially compared to fast food!

Throw in some guacamole or salsa to dip!

Do you have a fast recipe to share?