Valentine's Day Home 2021: Washington

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. But in the midst of a busy few years, I have yet to deck the halls with Valentine decor in quite awhile. 
It takes me back to so many of our fun Valentine celebrations back home before we had kids...all the Valentine teas I hosted! So digging out some of beloved Valentine's Day decor this year brought an extra spark of joy. Throw in two very enthusiastic little ones about decorating for the holidays and it was just the pick me up our house needed to get us through the rest of this dreary winter season!


I love how handmade Valentine's look hanging around the house. We hung up a few we made last year and made a few more this year to add to our collection. I make sure to write the kid's name and year on the back. I expanded our art hanging station that also housed all our Christmas cards this year. It is proving to be a great place to hang art and add in a little seasonal decor. 

And in case you are wondering, the happy princess day was a sweet gesture my husband and kids did during a week that was especially hard for me personally and pregnancy wise. Things have been looking up since then and the special day made me feel especially loved.

It was so fun to pull out all handmade decor I made years ago and have held on to. I don't have as much decor that I have made anymore but all the Valentine's stuff feels especially sweet and nostalgic with a handmade touch.

My Christmas gift this year were these new shelves and storage units (all from Ikea). I hope to put together a blog post with more details on our project. But until then I really love having a display space to decorate! It makes it a little easier to sprinkle in some seasonal decor now without overwhelming our functioning spaces.

And a little Valentine making with my little sweethearts! We bought a little kit last year and we are still getting some use out of them. Plus paper doily hearts also make great easy Valentine's with kids.

I love the little paper doilies on our backdoor window. A fun backdrop for photos of the kids while they craft.

And finally, my little decorating helper. She loved hanging the extra heart ornaments I had on all the cabinet knobs. Seeing my children take after some of my little hobbies and antics around the house definitely brings a lot of joy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Camping Preschool Lesson: 4 Day Unit

Over the summer this was our last week long preschool unit that we did (before I got pregnant!) and it was definitely one of our most fun! Our son had been very interested in camping so we put together a whole unit to learn about camping and the outdoors. 

Later that fall my husband even did a follow up camping night with him in our yard so he could experience the whole camping concept for the first time (me and our girl slept inside!). We look forward to when our kids are just a little bit older (especially the one growing in my belly!) so that we can all take our first real camping trip together!

D A Y // 1

+ Read Curious George: Curious About Summer (has a camping part)
+ Popsicle tent craft (inspired by Glued To My Crafts)
+ Cut out stars to put around the house for our "campsite"
+ Shooting stars and constellations - match star stickers with a white crayon to make a constellation, popsicle stick and star sticker craft for the one year old
+ Watched Curious George Camping episode on YouTube

Easy constellation activity - match star stickers with a white crayon on black paper.

"Shooting star" craft for little ones. Just attach star stickers to a popsicle stick!

 D A Y // 2

+ Read Goodnight Campsite
+ Make smore ice cream sandwich
+ Popsicle stick smores craft

Smore ice cream sandwiches were a huge hit! Very easy to make and kid friendly. And we all loved how delicious they were! 

We used:
- Tillamook Udderly Chocolate Ice Cream (white chocolate and chocolate!)
- Graham crackers
- Mini marshmalllows

Make ice cream sandwiches on a pan and then pop in the freezer to freeze!

 And this adorable smore popsicle stick craft was pretty darn cute!

D A Y // 3

+ Read All Aboard! National Parks: A Wildlife Primer
+ National Park coloring page
+ National park videos - searched on YouTube

I found some fun National Park coloring pages on Pinterest that we colored and discussed along side our books. And then we followed it up by watching a few different National Park videos on YouTube.

  D A Y // 4

+ Read/browse The 50 States
+ Set up pretend campground
+ Make toilet paper fire
+ Pillow sleeping bag

We ended our unit on camping by setting up a campsite in our living room! We made a pretend fire out of toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. And roasted pretend marshmallows (cotton ball on a stick!). I also had sewn together a pillowcase sleeping pad (sew four pillowcases together and then stuff with pillows - the top pillow folds over as a head rest).

We later took out our play food to cook over our campfire.

Then we ended our lesson with watching camping videos from our tent. So much fun!

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