Our Son's Birth Story (2 Years Later!)

I have been working on finishing up our son's baby book.  Nothing like another baby on the way to motivate myself to get this done!  It has been so fun to look back at so many photos and memories of our sweet boy.  How he has changed so much in a short two years.

I was hesitant to share our birth story when he was first born.  It was a difficult and emotional delivery and I wasn't quite ready to share all the details.

But as I was typing it out for the baby book, it meant a lot to me to be able to re-read the story and remember some of the small details. 

Just a few days before our son was born, a friend of mine had shared her story of a difficult birth.  Going through what we did, having this story in the back of mind was so reassuring.  It was a reminder that things don't always go as planned.  And it mentally prepared me for what was to come ahead.  

I am so grateful for her story and so I hope that our story may encourage others as well.

OUR BIRTH STORY - from my journal throughout delivery

July 11, 2016

After a busy day at home – walk, 7-11 free slurpee, and grocery store – I did my kick counts.  I believe I got ten but they were hard to count.   Took a nap and Brent got home. 

I seemed to have a lot of energy versus the day before with contractions.  So when I laid down to go to bed I thought about Brent asking about my kick counts.   They weren’t that present and it made me think how baby hadn’t been very active much that day at all.  So of course I started to worry and couldn’t sleep. 

I waited awhile – until 10 pm – for when he normally starts wiggling.   Still no movement.  Got up and went to the bathroom.  Ate some chocolate.  Drank some juice.  Had a popsicle.  Still no movement. 

I look on my phone.  Prayed my normal prayer – for peace of mind movement so I could go to bed.  Nothing.   I thought of the stories of waiting too long, when baby wasn’t moving.   It was my responsibility to do something.  So finally I woke Brent up and we called labor and delivery. 

They didn’t seem worried since I got my kick counts but said better safe than sorry and that I could just come in.  Baby moved while I was on the phone and in the car.  I started feeling silly for making such a big deal.  Brent brought our bags – just in case. 

We got to the hospital and they monitored his heartbeat – he was fine.   I drank some juice and got lots of movement.  We would be able to go home in 20 minutes.   Everything seemed fine. 

One last look on the ultrasound only to find out there wasn’t enough fluid.  They couldn’t send us home, as it was no longer safe for baby without enough fluid.  So we stayed.  I was so overwhelmed – shaking and couldn’t stop.  Brent was so sweet just holding my hand.  They had to induce to get the baby out.  So now we wait. 

We are in the high-risk wing and may not get a midwife.  They have to monitor the baby so the umbilical chord doesn’t get wrapped around him.  I’ll most likely have to stay in bed during labor. 

Pretty much the exact opposite of what I had hoped for.  I feel emotional and crushed but I must trust in God’s will for how our baby comes into this world.  We are here with doctors and we caught this early enough.  But I am scared and overwhelmed.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

-Tuesday, 12:00 am admitted 

-Tuesday, 5:00 pm painful contractions, 17 hours of labor – took epidural (I cried I was so disappointed but ended up being what was best), leaning on Brent, midwives and nurses are so kind and understanding – willing to work with me 

-Tues night/Wed morning – worked through contractions in bed, body was progressing on it’s own 

-Wed morning – prepped to push 

-Wed 10:00-11:00 am – push, nurse that was there when we were admitted arrived for her next shift to deliver.  She was so surprised we were still there.   Midwife was confident in my pushing ability. 

35 hours total! 

July 13, 2016

Last two pushes were so painful.   My eyes were closed not sure I could push anymore.  Midwife yells – “look at your baby!”  He was here.   In my arms.  All these people quickly getting him to me, cleaning fluid out of his mouth.   I cry.  So overwhelmed.   Brent tears up.  One of the most special moments of my life! 

My New Favorite Sheets

We recently purchased new sheets for our master bedroom, to replace one of our nearly nine year old sets!  While I pride myself in many domestic practices, I will admit, if I am not very knowledgeable in an area or even don't care much, I always just go with what is easy and the best deal.  And I tend to lean towards what is pretty. 

But when it came to sheets, when my husband and I got married we registered for the prettiest mid-price sheets we could find at Target.  And apparently, they lasted us almost nine years.  That is a fairly good investment I would say!

When we moved to Virginia and started furnishing legit guest bedrooms that now get many weeks of use throughout the year, I went with what I knew - T.J.Maxx.  Pretty and a good deal for mid to high quality sheets.

We bought a mattress for the first time (remember we used to sleep on a futon!?).  And a second one for a queen size guest bed.  This is serious adulting right here. 

And unfortunately the standard size queen sheets I had purchased could not handle the massive fluffiness of the the quality mattress we bought.  It eventually got a tear.

So when I purchased new sheets for the master, I went with whatever looked best online via Target and have been pleasantly surprised with some pretty nice quality, mid range priced sheets.  I liked them so much, I spent the money to replace our queen guest bed once the old sheets started to rip.

Anyways, that is a lot of rambling to get to my point.  I LOVE these new sheets.  We purchased white but they come in other colors.  They have a nice damask stripe that feels subtle and hotel like.  And the best part is an extra elastic piece on each corner of the fitted sheet. 

These are literally the easiest sheets I have ever put on a bed.  And honestly, I think that says a lot.  I HATE changing the sheets!  And now that I am pregnant and have other guest beds to care for, this truly has been a small gift to be able to make a bed with ease.

So if you are an average Jane like me who could care less about thread counts and fabric styles, but is still looking for quality sheets that you won't be wasting money on, these are the ones for you!  Plus, both times I have purchased them (months apart) they happened to be on sale.  So check back and use those Target red cards!

Favorite Fall Flavors | Cupcake Dirty Chai Latte Recipe

Fall is just around the corner which means I am getting ready to switch out my iced coffee and iced chai tea latte for some warm weather drinks.  Nothing says cozy like a slightly indulgent latte alongside a good book and blanket.

It makes me long for more of those coffee shop days I had back in college.  Studying my little head off while treating myself to my favorite coffee shop drink.  These days I am all about sipping on the go - while chasing a little toddler or driving us off to run errands.


While the setting of how I drink my coffee has changed over the years, my longing for something warm, comforting, and slightly sweet and creamy still runs strong.  I love that our senses can take us back to fond memories.  That espresso in the little cafe in Paris.  Hot chocolate as we stroll down the street looking at Christmas lights.  The smell of crisp fall air on Halloween night.  The aroma of grandma's cake recipe coming out of the oven.

I may be a bit of a romantic when it comes to flavors, smells, and my oh-so-favorite season of fall.  But there is something so special about the change of seasons.  And while the ever so popular pumpkin has been the staple for fall flavors, I believe that this Cupcake Dirty Chai Latte recipe is going to be my new fall go to.

It is rich and creamy and reminds of the spice cake we often made for my dad's September birthday.  It is my mix of two loves - chai and coffee - with a cupcake thrown in.  It is pretty fantastic.  I'll save the pumpkins for my front porch this year.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) was so 5 years ago 🙄 Don’t be Basic! Start Your Own Fall trend with one of Torani’s 100+ flavor options.  #PumpkinSoBasic

I have been a long time fan of Torani syrups.  Torani is made with simple ingredients, is easy to use and versatile.  One flavor (or two in this case!) is all it takes to create a variety of refreshments!  There are over 100 flavors which means there is something for everyone!  I am really excited to incorporate these new to me flavors into my everyday drink routine.

Cupcake Dirty Chai Latte

1/2 cup strong coffee (or 2 shots of espresso)
2/3 cup milk
1 Tablespoon Torani Chai Tea Spice Syrup
1 Tablespoon Torani Cupcake Syrup

Steam or warm up milk and add to coffee.  Add in syrups and stir.  Enjoy!

// For more information, you can visit the Torani website.

// Follow Torani on Facebook or Instagram for more recipe inspiration!

Torani wants to help you make your fall drink routine a little less basic this year with an awesome discount!  


Offer expires 12/31/18 and can not be combined with any other offers.

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Torani and all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that help make this blog possible!

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