Simple Cardboard Art

Sometimes it is the simplest of projects that bring the greatest joy. If you are like us and have a continual flow of cardboard boxes coming through your house, this is a great and fun way to use some up while also keeping little ones busy!

A little paint, glue, and glitter made for some magical cardboard art! How precious would these be for little Valentine's? Or even a note to pop in the mail. I think we have more cardboard crafts in our future.

Whimsical Garden: Preschool Lesson Plan

I am calling this whimsical garden because it kind of evolved into it! It started out as weather then kind of became a bunch of spring time crafts I wanted to do and then I tried to find books that went along with it.

So while these may be spring like activities, I am going with whimsical garden so that it can be applicable all year around! Because it is okay to be a parent that simply wants your child to make a bunch of flower and rainbow crafts to also do yourself!

D A Y // 1

+ Read Very First Book Of Things To Spot
+ Read Big Book of Colors
+ Butterfly collage craft

D A Y // 2

+ Read Mrs. Peanuckles Flower Alphabet (the most beautiful flower board book!)
+ Egg carton flower craft

D A Y // 3

+ Read I Can Grow A Flower
+ Read The Secret Garden
+ Paper plate snail craft

D A Y // 4

+ Reread one of our books
+ Cardboard rainbow craft

D A Y // 5

+ Reread one of our books
+ Another cardboard rainbow craft! Used paper, pipe cleaners (from this great art kit), paintable OOLY glitter glue (no mess! - but I unfortunately can't find a link), and cotton balls

Frozen Ice Toy Sensory Activity

We recently tried the sensory activity of freezing toys in ice trays for the kids to play with and melt using water. In order to contain it all I put down a towel and brought in their outdoor water table.

It was another activity we pulled out while my husband and I streamed church at home. The kids loved it and I liked that it was an easy water activity that we could do inside. I will plan to do this again as a rainy day activity.