Photo from a recent hike with my "Adventure Club."  It is often when we get away from everyday distractions that we can experience stillness...even on a hike.

I had the opportunity today {well, the day I wrote this} to take some time for myself.

I tried out a new class at the gym, I made a return to TJ Maxx {and found a $3 dress on clearance!}, I soaked up some February sun while re-reading this book in the backyard, and I sat in my bed just thinking {and eating a bowl of Doritos!}.

And let me just tell you, it was pretty wonderful!

I do not have many days like this…but I used to.  And I was reminded how refreshing it is to be still.  To enjoy my day…to not be distracted…but to just be one with my thoughts.

When we first got married, we did not have Internet for the first year and a half in our home.  It sure was a pain to drive to Starbucks or to the library to blog or check up on my email, but I got a whole lot more done back then.

It is amazing how loud the internet can be sometimes…so many things demanding for my attention.  And as someone who loves to blog, this is a difficult balance all of the time!

But it was today that I realized that finding balance is so much better. 

…to let my spirit be refreshed by stillness. 

…to just be in my home...and not constantly doing something to it.

I am a very introspective person so taking time for myself to think and just be really fuels my spirit.  It is easy to get so drained with tasks, and for me, being around a lot of people can often get me down when I don’t take the time to let my heart and thoughts breathe.

Today I am writing this post in Microsoft Word so that I don’t have to hop online.  I want to be able to write and to think without twenty million other distractions.  This is what I used to do before we had internet and I think I had a lot of really good thought provoking posts back then…perhaps a practice worth taking up again.

I know for many of you, finding stillness is a little harder…with kids…and at work…but I encourage you to find that corner in your day…no matter how long it is…to be still…to just be you {Doritos in bed and all!}.

Step away from the computer.  And see the life that is before you. 

A little stillness in your life will do great things for your soul. 


  1. $3 dress? score! I could use a bit more stillness in my life.

  2. Yes! Love this post. I need to remember to do this way more often. Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Could not agree more... I think we allow so many distractions from keeping us from really living or being still. I appreciate this post very much. As I am trying to be a better steward of my money.. I think being a good steward of time is as important.. thanks for the reminder!

  4. This is so true Ashley! We spent the day yesterday driving around and discovering some new beaches on the coast and it was just so quiet and peaceful! I woke up feeling so refreshed today, it was exactly what I needed too :) xo K

  5. What a wonderful post. Creating more stillness is one of the biggest reasons we decided to move to the mountains, but even here it's not easy! It takes conscious intention every day. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Thank you so much for this post... I really needed it today. I've been anxious all day & as silly as it is, I really think I'm overwhelmed with my internets - between FB, blogs, Pinterest, email - its all so much & it takes so much time & energy from my day, everyday. Im thinking I'm going to enjoy a little quiet tomorrow, thanks for the encouragement.


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