Backyard Patio Furniture

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am over our new backyard patio furniture...and for so many reasons.  Okay, maybe I will tell you...!

1. This is the first furniture we have ever bought new in our entire house!!!  I know, crazy right!  Part of me is proud...part of me is shocked we have a full furnished home!  Not to say we don't spend money on expensive things...i.e. flat screen TV, camera equipment, not to mention our very expensive picket fence.  But that we have never bought new furniture.  I have never had the joy of taking it out of the box and assembling it.  I have never sat on anything with so much joy.  I love our second hand furniture in our home but there is something about new that feels like such a treat!

2. The colors are PERFECT!  I never see white patio furniture...and when I do it is wicker.  And the fact that is has these perfectly neutral cushions that came with well as a hint of modern and grey in the pillows to add an extra punch of fun!  Not to mention the great dot pattern in the metal.  Kind of vintage-y, yet kind of modern!  If I have ever seen patio furniture scream Ashley before, this is the one!

3. It was on sale.  65% off kind of sale.  I didn't even know the going rate of patio furniture {and apparently it is expensive!} but when I saw it at Home Depot, it seemed oh so doable.

The blue pillows I already had from Target last year...add a little more fluff and cozy to the seating...

And the best part?  Lounging with my catalogs while that blurry nephew in the background plays with our awesome garage sale water table find.  No complaints about that!

Find the Patio Furniture at Home Depot here (Hampton Bay Alise).