Thankfulness Thursdays Week 7--Living with Less Stuff

Today is week seven of Thankfulness Thursdays where we meet up each week to share what we are thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  You can write a simple list or focus on writing about one thing you are thankful for.  No rigid rules! 

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This week I am thankful for less stuff.  We had our second yard sale of the year (we had our last one in June) which is a little crazy that we had enough new stuff to sell a second time around.  We combine all of our yard sales with our parents and my aunt and uncle so together we accumulate enough for a good sale.

Every time we have a big clear out in our home it is like a whole layer of stuff we are freed from.  I almost automatically find a few things I would have liked to have sold after the sale because I can actually see what I have with new eyes.

I am not sure if this yearly yard sale will continue to happen or if I will start learning a thing or two and bring less things inside our home.  But either way, the discipline of letting go and reevaluating how we live is so refreshing.

So often I feel like I cannot do what I want to do or live the way I want to because the stuff gets in the way.  I want to do (insert the blank) but first I need to tidy up this paper work or put away these clothes, or reorganize my craft supplies so I can actually use it. 

So many of us have this dream for a big home, and a big yard, and big pretty things.  But it is so easy to see what we think we want until we have to actually take care of it all.  I love my stuff and the fact we have enough rooms that I can have a crafting space but it is when this extra space is no longer big enough that creates a problem.  When there are so many things filling cabinets and hutches and counters that I am no longer spending my life living in my home but trying to make it less chaotic, the stuff has become too much.

As I go into a less cluttered house and the upcoming holidays, my goal is to continue to live with less.  Not that I will never bring anything into our home again but that I will be more thoughtful about my purchases and I will look to what I already have at home before going out and buying what I think I need.

I want to be thankful for what I do have instead of what I think I should have.  Perhaps if I was more thankful for what I had I would not have as much of a desire for more. 

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. This is how we've always lived since we've been married and it is the number one thing I tell my friends when they are stressed to do - get rid of stuff. I grew up in a big house completely full of stuff and I always resented it. So as soon as I got married, I made it a personal rule to only keep what we used daily or weekly in our house. And I have never once (in 10 years!) wished it to be any different! I'm glad you find the same release in letting things go!

  2. Well said. I struggle constantly with this. Last night I couldn't even sleep because I was thinking of all the things I "need" to buy for when we move. Then it hit me. If we have live 3 months out of suitcases and what we have with us, in reality we do not need that much. I have to just be grateful for having a home again, no matter what it looks like.

  3. Great post. I am a stuff minimalist and find it very freeing to not have to spend time taking care of, sorting or tripping over stuff :) I recently had the honor of giving away one bag of our clothes we don't need and two bags of baby/toddler clothes to a mother in need.

  4. Beautiful pictures...and this post could not be any truer.

  5. I kind of connect emotions to the various things I have in the house. While sometimes I would like to have less, I haven't mastered the art of being able to get rid of things very easy.

  6. I love that feeling of purging our home of the stuff that just clutters it up, but am always astounded as to how we accumulate so much. Before we renovated the kitchen, we tossed around the idea of moving to a bigger house, but as my mom told me, ultimately a bigger house is just more room for stuff and more stuff to clean. For now, having a smaller house keeps us in check to a certain extent as to how much we buy. Great post as always!

  7. It IS amazing, isn't it, how quickly things add up, even when we are making an effort not to buy more stuff. But every time I get rid of stuff, it's a stronger reminder of the need to buy less.

    I'm thankful for a lot this week, and will definitely be joining back up to the link party next week!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. :-)


  8. I feel the same way about 'stuff'...add 4 kids to the mix...& whoa! JUST TODAY I had a bag for donation & for the 2nd time the donation truck did NOT pick it up. lol I am feeling inspired again...I always recommend PURGING too to any wife or momma that is feeling overwhelmed. But I want to see more pix of your 'less stuffed' home to compare to how you had it before...cause I always thought it was cute before too. ;-)


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