Updating Blog Comment Section--Using Disqus

If you have left a comment within the past month you may have noticed that I switched my comment platform over to Disqus from Blogger.  I am sure there is a whole list of reasons why this is the thing to do these days (have you too noticed many bloggers are making the switch?).  But I have three reasons for you and my simplified blogging ways.  I hope this helps for those considering the switch as well as an explanation to readers as to why I switched.

1. Using Disqus, when you leave a comment the whole page does not have to reload each time like it does with blogger.  You can verify your comment went through right then and there saving you seconds out of your day.  If you are an avid blog reader you know these seconds add up!  It's the little things (and hopefully an incentive to leave a comment!).

2. Now, if I respond to your comment, you can now be contacted via email (but only if you set it up on your Disqus account which I will explain below).  I need you to know that I think I am a pretty kind blogger when it comes to comments.  Before, if I responded to a comment in the comment section and your email was attached to your comment, I would also email you the comment I left on the blog post.  I gave you a comment reply and an email.  That is pretty nice, no?  Well I have decided to respect my time a little bit better and cut out the double commenting.  Now when I respond to your comment you are emailed my response (as long as you set it up which I detail below!!!!).  Halleluiah. 

3. The third reason is that Disqus offers a wider range of platforms to comment from.  You can use Twitter or Facebook if that is your thing.  Hoping this allows for more community amongst the non-blogging folk.


So the very important part to making this all perfect and wonderful is that I would LOVE for you to update your Disqus account.  That way your blog, if you have one, is linked to it (very important!!!).  So other Domestic Fashionista readers who are intrigued by your comment can still visit your blog.

AND you need to check off a little box that says you will get notified by email when someone responds to your comment.  I did not know about this until recently and I found all these comment replies I never knew about.  Douh!

What you will need to do is log into or set up your Disqus account (it is free and allows you to comment on any blog that uses Disqus for commenting and is a one time set up) and go into the "Edit your profile" section then click on "Notifications" where you will go to "Personal Settings" and check "Notify me of replies to my comments."  While you are it, you can click on profile and avatar (etc.) to set up your blog address and profile picture.

Let's break this down one more time:

1. Disqus.com
2. Edit your profile
3. Notifications
4. Personal settings
5. Notify me of replies to my comments

Consider this favor to me a favor to yourself in the long run.  A lot of blogs are making the switch and so having your profile set up correctly will only benefit you in the long run.  And it is available for a variety of blog platforms as you will see below in case you decide to make the switch yourself:

If you decide to make the switch for your own blog as well, they have a fairly easy step by step process.  It's a little scary.  But when I saw that my friend Sarah made the switch, I decided it was time.  She is a fellow Blogspot Blogger who helps me with the techy side of things while still maintaining a simple and clean lined blog design.  She is a smart cookie.  And a world traveler.

To sum this all up, I am hoping Disqus allows for more community in the comment section here.  I love to read through a comment section that is easy to follow and to chime in on a conversation knowing that not just the blog writer will be reading it.  Bear with me during this change and I sincerely hope you will consider updating your account, for me, if anything.  I really want you to be able to read my responses without having to click back over to see if I answered your question. 

Hope to see you in the new comment section!!! :)