Our Son's Name | Baby #3

I am excited to share our baby boy has a name! Names sure are hard to pick but after weighing over this one name in particular, we finally decided to go with it!

We chose the name Judah. We liked the name before digging in too deep at the meaning. But as we learned more about Judah from the Bible, we found he did not live the most honorable life. Yet we were reminded as so many stories from the Bible and simply from everyday life that no one is perfect. Yet God can still use them. So we focused in on the lineage of Judah and how he played a part in the coming of Jesus. And trust that our Judah will know that his name is a representation of our faith and our hope for him as he grows into this name.

The name Judah means praised or thanksgiving. We are very thankful for our baby boy and cannot wait to meet him!