Am I a Paintaholic?

It is amazing what a few free and yard sale purchases can become with a fresh can of paint! People ask me what I have been up to the past few weeks...painting! Though tiring at times (gotta do those wrist stretches! lol) there is a sense of accomplishment in furnishing a home with fresh new pieces that are a result of one's own hard labor. Above is an adorable rolling cart for the kitchen. I am thinking of furnishing it with a couple of my kitchen gadgets.
Coffee table--one of two. It was originally red...two types of red...but I couldn't quite get it the right color as it was clashing with some of the other red shades already in the room. I gave up and went straight to the black spray paint can! I buffed the edges a little to give it a distressed look and I think it came out really well with the red undertones. I still have one more table to do which I will put next to this one for a longer coffee table that is easily movable for more room (or for getting the Wii out!).
Found two more bar stools...$3 each! Gave them a little love. I love how crisp black and white looks together. Below are all of the bar stools I painted. Yay--the bar is finally all I need are some guests!
An entryway bench that was once gold with a tan seat cushion (if you see the padded bar stools a couple posts down, the padding on this baby was pretty darn close to it...u-g-l-y). I used the same fabric as the bar stools to pull in a little matchy-matchy. Can you believe this fabric was $1 a yard?!?!?

And for the finale...drum roll please! My beauty of an entertainment center (how embarrassing though...we still need to get the tv and dvd hookup a little nicer! Just try to focus on the furniture here!). This thing was also u-g-l-y. Got it off the side of the road for free. It was wood and seemed to have some water damage on the top. I ripped off the first layer of wood from the top and sanded it down. I looked online for some inspiration as the house has a common black and white theme. I wanted to keep it white so the room seemed open and airy yet I wanted to make it a little more contemporary to go along with the other decor. I think it came out rather nice. Imagine buying something like this full price! Can't beat free!

The hardware in itself was worth the find. It actually is a dresser and came with two end tables and a taller standing dresser. Those ones aren't in as good of shape but we still took them. I figure I can use the hardware on something else if anything.
The wood detailing is amazing! When I was getting Brycer to help me load these up to take home, he thought I was crazy! I kept on telling him that the wood and hardware was one of a you are probably assuming now...he admitted he was wrong! lol. I absolutely love this piece. “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris