Frames galore!

Well, just in case you haven't gotten enough of my lovely shabby chic frames, I have some more! These pictures are taken in the bathroom so it is a little hard to see as the bathroom is on the smaller side. I got this idea from a friend of mine and I think it is awesome! I just hung a frame over the bathroom mirror and it really adds a great decorative element especially on plane mirrors that do not already have any sort of frame. I wrapped a little polka dot ribbon around it to hang it from and you instantly have a framed piece of art--you looking in the mirror! Brent was commenting though that the frame was a little low because I set it at my height! Oops..shorty! Oh well, I will appreciate it the most so it will have to do!
I also have a cute little bathroom sign hanging opposite the mirror so coming down the hallway you see its reflection. I've always read that whenever you hang a mirror it should reflect something pretty.
Here are some other little finds that I have recently painted. It is actually plastic but I love how the white paint makes it look like metal.
I am running out of painting projects...well actually I have a large hutch that has been a work in progress the past couple of weeks. But I was just thinking how I don't know what I am going to blog about when I run out of painting projects! lol. I'm losing my zing for painting! That's okay, I have been taking a break the past week and will hopefully get back to it soon. :)


  1. Hey girl! I really like this idea! How creative you are! I have a big, framless mirror above my dresser that I now might frame out. It really just takes that mirror to a whole other level. Thanks for the idea! Happy Saturday!

  2. What a great idea with the frame! I love it! That little plastic basket hanging doesn't even look like plastic. It looks like it could be iron. Great job! I'm going to have to break out the spray paint soon. :) I'm still unpacking boxes. Ugh. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. Oh what a great idea! I've never really liked the big, plain mirrors in our bathrooms, and now I know what to do about it! :)

  4. Please send some of your painting zing to me. My walls could use it. LOL.

  5. came over via Miss(es) Canadian Pie- lurrve your style!


  6. Hey there! You were ahead of me on roll call over at SITS...thought I'd stop in and say hi. Cute paint projects...I like the mirror idea.

  7. What a great idea. I love it!

    Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Looks like you are really crafty. I did not get that gene. lol Maybe I'll get some ideas from you. =)

  9. I love all your ideas...maybe I'll try to be creative.

  10. Good idea about the mirror suggestion...always having something pretty reflecting in it.

    Yours looks great!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my!
    I think I have the 10 frames that you don't already own!! ;) I CANNOT get enough of them!!!

    M ^..^

  12. Hey girlie!

    I have something for you at my place. Come on by when you have the chance!

  13. Girl, you are the sweetest thing in the world to make a link on your blog to me! Can you be my neighbor??

    I'm home visiting my family for a little over a week. We are getting DUMPED with snow. It's insane! We got like a foot in a day and then today we are supposed to get 6 more inches. Lol, they are letting school out early even! I'm so not ready for this!

    Have you been working on any projects lately? I left all of my craft stuff at home and am dying to do something with glue and paper! Hope you are having a Happy Thursday!!

  14. What great decorating ideas. I am truly lacking in that department!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my SITS day.

  15. Thank you sooooooo much for the award!! You are too sweet! Your words really are an encouragement to me. I can't tell how much I appreciate your sentiments! And what a cutie-pie you are! Your blog is so creative and inspiring! God bless you cupcake!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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