Yippee! My first award!

Sweet AndreaLeigh (who is so awesome at leaving great encouraging comments) nominated me for my first award! This is what she had to say, "I just recently stumbled upon Domestic Fashionista, but so far I'm loving everything she's posting. All her decor is very vintage chic. Love it!" Yay! I am ecstatic! I feel like such an official blogger now! lol. I am content by just enjoying all of your fantastic blogs and it makes me feel so great knowing that people can feel the same way about mine. :) Visit Andrea and give her a little shout out. I think you will like her tasty recipes and cute little chihuahua!

So now I'm supposed to list 6 things about myself, and pass this along to six other bloggers (I also added some pictures to spice it up a bit). Enjoy...some random and some insightful!
1. I am a water-aholic. Water is my drink of choice. I particularly enjoy drinking my water out of nalgene bottles. I have about 20 bottles...they have become a collection! I like to find ones with cute designs or sticker them up. People comment on how many water bottles I have and how I always have my water. It truly is a staple in my life.
2. One of my favorite things is finding a great buy. I LOVE Ross, Marshalls, TJ-Max and good ol' yard sales. I roam the outskirts of Wal-Mart and Target for discovering some fantastic clearance item. One time I followed a lady around the whole store because she had this sweet little pumpkin statue on clearance for Halloween that I wanted! (I didn't get it but I was definitely on the prowl! lol) I think what I love most about getting a great deal is not finding "cheap" stuff but finding awesome pieces at a discounted price and making it look like I bought it off the rack of a high end store at full price. I think it is the creative juices and tight budget that make it so great...just check out all my painted furniture...you will know what I mean! lol
3. My mom owns a florist. As we are all a product of our experience, I take a lot of my creativity after her as a little girl who grew up in a flower shop. She is awesome with flowers and I am blessed to have been passed on her creative talent. But since I did grow up in a small business part of me is drawn the opposite direction in pursuing more domesticity...and so you have it--domestic fashionista! 4. I LOVE frozen yogurt! :) I am especially in love with some of the great frozen yogurt places coming around where you get to add your own toppings like a candy store and they charge you by weight. It probably takes away from the whole low-fat thing but it is totally worth it! My flavors of choice are strawberry and oreo. Is your mouth watering? Because mine sure is!
5. I am a gym rat. All throughout high school I played sports and have continued in that active life style. I go to the gym almost everyday and take the classes they offer. My favorite is step aerobics and so badly I wish we were still in the 80's so I could wear one of those ridiculous leotards!
6. I love kids. I am pretty sure every regular, consistent job I have had has had kids involved. I went to school and got my teaching credential but at the moment do not feel called to that vocation. Though not in the classroom, I am very passionate about students...I love mentoring girls one on one, I used to coach and work in youth groups, and I love talking to random children in the grocery store...lol! Kids make me smile and I think deep down I want to act like a kid most of the time. ;)

And now onto the recipients...
1. 50's Housewife-I find it most appropriate to nominate this lovely lady because her blog was what got me into this crazy blog addiciton in the first place. I was looking up aprons on google images for some sewing ideas and it linked me to her blog. I started reading it on a regular basis and checking out some of her recommended blog reads...and now today I have my own blog! She has great homemaking tips and I am inspired at how her top priority is her family. I look to her for wisdom and ideas for one day when I will be a little momma and wife. :)
2. Ruthann at Warm Pie, Happy Home-this lady is another domestic princess! I search her blog for great holiday and decorating inspiration. She has a wonderful warm country feel that is so welcoming. I love how she invites readers into her home.
3. Miss Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea-this is one shabby chic chick! I love all her vintage pictures on her blog and shabby decor ideas. She has great suggestions and always has some swinging good music playing!
4. Mandi at Miss(es) Canadian Pie-Mandi is a new blog find but I am seeing we have a lot in common. She has some cute decorating ideas and just seems so sweet. I am enjoying getting to know her through her blog.
5. Chris at Just a Girl-her blog is BEAUTIFUL! She has great crafty ideas and LOVES glitter. Can't say no to that! lol. I am especially grateful for her recent "I can make that" party. She is awesome at sharing easy to do projects and I am loving her everyday for it!
6. Kelli at There Is No Place Like Home-one crafty lady and the queen of Show and Tell Friday. I have been inspired by so many of her ideas and have found way too many fun blogs through her Show and Tell links.

Cheers to all my awesome bloggy friends! ;)