Copy Cat

I was about to throw out my cutie patootie 2008 vintage Barbie calendar when I geniusely remembered Thrifty Decor Chick's awesome gift tags. She used her Christmas cards to punch out gift tags for next year. You know I was all over this and punched out all these fun tags for gifts. What shabby vintage girl wouldn't love one of these classic beauties hanging on a beautifully wrapped gift from yours truly??? Well, I am a copy cat...I'll admit it...thanks Sarah. ;)Note: tag punch by Stampin' Up!

Other many of you I L-O-V-E after Christmas sales. It is sad the economy is not at its best but boy are they throwing those sales out there...this frugal girl is a-okay with that! I have been wanting a white Christmas tree this year...I am thinking blue, silver and white ornaments to match my black and white dining table and blue and white shabby la la... ;)

Well I found her and she is a beaut! 70% off is not bad... So there I am, transferring my blue and silver ornaments from this years tree over to my new snow flocked white one... The white branches were not even totally down yet but you bet there were ornaments on there! Yeah, no one agreed on leaving my new tree up for another week or so. What? You don't want to do Christmas all over again, just for my sweet new tree??? Oh well, I will be counting down the days until this little lady will have her chance in the spotlight...361 to be exact. ;)

Oh, what would I do without my bloggy friends? Only you would understand and appreciate the madness... ;)

P.S. Thank you for all my saucy SITSTAS coming by to visit my saucy blog...I have been bombarded by such sweet comments and am finding so many more bloggy friends. You are all awesome! Leave a comment so I can find you again! xoxo