Okay, Okay...Here are my Resolutions...

So you all are getting me so nostalgic with your resolutions...I didn't want to do this but I guess you are forcing me now... ;) Okay, so I am not super into the whole resolutions things but I do love a good set of goals. I think part of me doesn't want to make resolutions that I can't follow through with (so TYPE A) and also everyone makes resolutions...and I don't like to be like everyone (well except for you, because you have amazing ideas...yes, you...girl reading my blog). But who am I kidding??? I am so left out right now that I am three days into the New Year and I haven't posted any resolutions...So here ya go...

1. Study: I haven't really "studied" since I graduated from college...and I am really missing it. Sometimes I just wish I could stay up all hours of the night writing a 30 page paper...What you don't dream about that? Well, okay, maybe not writing papers...but I do miss reading and really studying for the sake of gaining new information. So my goal is to hit the books once again and give my brain a little more mental stimulation.

2. Continue with my weight loss goal: I have been losing weight since July, slowly and steadily, and have been successful in weight loss for the first time in my life. I have lost just about 35 lbs and am going for about 10 more. But not just in regards to weight, I am learning to have better eating habits and am being sensitive to what my body needs (less wheat and dairy!).

3. Craft, craft, craft: Ever since I started blogging this summer, I have been inspired by so many awesome bloggy friends with some great projects. I have a giant craft folder saved on my computer that I would really like to tackle.

4. Save money: Because well, let's be honest, it is just weeks after Christmas and I am B-R-O-K-E! I am sure it will even out eventually...but I want to be less consumed by the consumer world. I want to live more modestly and be a good steward of my money.

5. Blog good blogs: I want to inspire ladies to use the resources they have to make life more beautiful. I hope to share some frugal and fashionable ideas like the ones that I have been so encouraged by.

6. Digital Scrapbooking: I am ready to declutter and use my time on other crafty projects...so my plan is to ditch the ol' paper scrapbooking. I have been doing it since the 7th grade and I need a break! I have become more savvy with the computer and hope to save some time, money, and sanity by doing it digitally. More about this to come in a future post.
7. Love better: I can always be doing this better...but I want to remind myself to be more patient and sensitive to those around me. I want to be a person that makes feel really believe they are cared for. I want to be less selfish and love more sacrificially.

2008 was a good year...I had a lot of life changes go on...graduated college, in a step of faith--quit my job and pursued independent work, lost some serious weight, learned to sew, became more crafty, started blogging...it has been good and it is amazing to see life unravel in ways I never imagined. I am so blessed and am excited for what this New Year brings. So there you have it...a little New Years nostalgia. I can check this off of my New Years resolution list now! ;)