Baby Shower Cupcakes

My sister in law is throwing a baby shower and she asked me to help with making some "fancy" cupcakes. She saw my Hello Kitty cupcakes and decided that made me a cupcake professional. Well I am going to try to fool her into thinking this is true! ;) Here is a collection of ideas that I found through google images. It is for a boy, if you have not noticed, and I am in need of your input!!!

Decorative--I can do this. Fancy but doesn't necessarily scream baby?

These little babies all tucked in are adorable! Problem: I have never used fondant before...maybe too advanced for my first time?
Simple and elegant.
Simple with a little fondant action. Question: can I make fondant pieces like these a couple days before and then add to the made cupcakes later? I think that would be easiest. Less pressure the day of and gives me time to practice and mess up!
I could add a spin on the cupcake container...something like this or paper.
These are pretty dang cute.

Fondant feet?
These are so sweet (love the pacifier). Here I wouldn't have to use fondant...but I can only imagine the cursing when I mess up and there is a black line all over the poor baby's face (Don't worry, I don't really curse). ;)
Another spin on the ol' pacifier. These are a little more "fancier" non-fondant spin.
I like the mixture of designs here (my attention span needs randomness!). Some cute fondant with some simpleness as well. I do have to check how they are going to serve these though. She mentioned they might be a take perhaps they all should be pretty nice...the poor lady who gets the boring blue one is going to hate my small attention span.
Yeah, I am most definitely not going to try to attempt this one...but it was too cute not to show...maybe when I am rich and famous for making cupcakes I will attempt such a masterpiece.
More fondant...I don't know that I am capable of making frosting look this clean. Is there a secret? Higher attention span? Huh? What?
These are fun...simple with a little store bought accessorizing.
The frosting design makes these extra fun...this is something I could do. But I cannot promise my cupcakes all come out this flat...between hot oven and crazy pouring batter...I am not so accurate. ;)
More simple fondant (more my speed).
So my cupcake enthusiasts...what do you think? What do you think would be most easiest for my lack of fondant experience? Any tips on getting your cupcakes oh so perfect? Can I make fondant ahead of time? Which ones do you think are the cutest and most boy baby shower appropriate? Any fondant tips a beginner should know? Seen or made any cute cupcakes I must see before deciding?
Well I hope when that baby boy is sixteen, being all stinky, hormonal, learning to drive, and pick up on girls, that he remembers little ol' me and my scrumptious baby shower cupcakes...boys remember these type of things right?