Help! I have an interview but not a thing to wear!

It is that dreaded time for me once again in my life...interview...dun dun dun {insert dramatic music here}. I consider myself quite blessed in a difficult economical time as I have been able to work for myself...but with that blessing also comes a small paycheck. I have been dragging my feet on this one for awhile but it is time that I went after a more stable job. So here I am, just a few days away from the dreaded interview and not a thing to wear! I am still in the middle of my weight loss goal and, as a result, have not done a lot of clothes shopping. I have bought one pair of jeans and a few pairs of sweats and work out pants. Yes, my friends, I have been living off of one pair of jeans for the last four months or I said...small paycheck. I have plenty of tops, though a little large now, but enough to get by for the time being. But I am most definitely needing a pair of nice dress pants for this week. So here they are ladies, give me your most fashionista advice!


Basic Black

I guess you cannot go wrong with this one...but I really am not the biggest fan. I am not sure why but I rarely own a good pair of black pants. Maybe the time is now...I don't know.


This appeals to my eye a little more...but I imagine it less forgiving and very thong-ish. hehehe...I said thong-ish. ;)

Khaki/Light Gray

I think I always want this color but it is probably even less forgiving than charcoal. But would this be a better investment since Spring is coming? I tend to wear darker colors on my bottom half so maybe not...?


Cute top and cardigan

I have plenty of both of these so it should not be a problem. I definitely am not in the ball park to splurge on a will this do??? Again the white pants...realistic?


I have a few of these but not sure if they fit...I have a few work appropriate dresses but I think it still might be a tad chilly for one of those. And to be honest, I am not sure that it's worth wearing tights for...

What do you think???

Most of my tops are dark or, teal, black...and I think I tend to lean towards dark overall. I have many, brown, navy, white, brown, brown, brown... So with these color combos what do you think my best pant option would be??? I know I always feel a little too Target with my red shirts and maybe that is not the direction to go.

Girls, let me know what you think. What is your most versatile work attire? What do you wear day to day and swear by? Give me your tips! I will be shopping ASAP!

Pictures from JCrew...but sooo not where I will be shopping unfortunately. $$$