Help! I have an interview but not a thing to wear!

It is that dreaded time for me once again in my life...interview...dun dun dun {insert dramatic music here}. I consider myself quite blessed in a difficult economical time as I have been able to work for myself...but with that blessing also comes a small paycheck. I have been dragging my feet on this one for awhile but it is time that I went after a more stable job. So here I am, just a few days away from the dreaded interview and not a thing to wear! I am still in the middle of my weight loss goal and, as a result, have not done a lot of clothes shopping. I have bought one pair of jeans and a few pairs of sweats and work out pants. Yes, my friends, I have been living off of one pair of jeans for the last four months or I said...small paycheck. I have plenty of tops, though a little large now, but enough to get by for the time being. But I am most definitely needing a pair of nice dress pants for this week. So here they are ladies, give me your most fashionista advice!


Basic Black

I guess you cannot go wrong with this one...but I really am not the biggest fan. I am not sure why but I rarely own a good pair of black pants. Maybe the time is now...I don't know.


This appeals to my eye a little more...but I imagine it less forgiving and very thong-ish. hehehe...I said thong-ish. ;)

Khaki/Light Gray

I think I always want this color but it is probably even less forgiving than charcoal. But would this be a better investment since Spring is coming? I tend to wear darker colors on my bottom half so maybe not...?


Cute top and cardigan

I have plenty of both of these so it should not be a problem. I definitely am not in the ball park to splurge on a will this do??? Again the white pants...realistic?


I have a few of these but not sure if they fit...I have a few work appropriate dresses but I think it still might be a tad chilly for one of those. And to be honest, I am not sure that it's worth wearing tights for...

What do you think???

Most of my tops are dark or, teal, black...and I think I tend to lean towards dark overall. I have many, brown, navy, white, brown, brown, brown... So with these color combos what do you think my best pant option would be??? I know I always feel a little too Target with my red shirts and maybe that is not the direction to go.

Girls, let me know what you think. What is your most versatile work attire? What do you wear day to day and swear by? Give me your tips! I will be shopping ASAP!

Pictures from JCrew...but sooo not where I will be shopping unfortunately. $$$


  1. Congrats on the interview. Thats great for the rough time the economy is having. I always LOVE black. I wear a lot of black. It is the most figure flattering and forgiving. Plus you can match ANY color to it. Plus I own probably 500 pairs of black heels! Also I feel like dressing in black and adding sparkly fun jewelery makes everything balance out.

    The other Ashley...LOL We are Divas just face it! ha ;)

  2. Well, my eyes tends to enjoy the gray. Professional without being obvious. If you do got for black, wear bright shoes. It will be unexpected and show off your creative side!

    Good Luck!

  3. Well Ashley, congrats to you and I have to say that I really like the black. I remember after my divorce and not being in the work force for many years and then having to find a job, the interview was important. I would have to say the black pants and a conservative top.. I like the pop of color with the shoes,,I agree it would show off your style without being really out there.. I would also do a home manicure..short and french tips..and a firm handshake, eye contact and your personality,, you've got it made!!

  4. Best of luck on your interview! I usually pair black pants with a black blazer or cardigan and then add a punch of color with my shirt. But not too big of a punch on an interview! ;)

  5. I definitely am into black pants with a black cardigan with a cute top underneath. In business school, they always stressed to dress conservatively and make the interviewer remember you and not what you were wearing. They also encouraged girls to carry small purses? It's supposed to make you look put together and not high maintenance. I followed these tips and was offered jobs on my first two interviews.

    Good Luck on the interview!!!!

  6. Charcoal pants are totally the way to go. Oh how I love my charcoal pants. And skirts, love pencils. Not so much a cardigan girl though. I have a girlfriend who looks stunning in them, but I can't get over feeling like my grandmother when I wear one. I've got to work on that.

    Best of luck with the interview! I'm sure you'll knock them dead and have good news to announce to us all soon.

  7. I am for the black pants and black cardigan with maybe some leopard print or red heels!
    Conservative on the clothes, but shows you have a little spice (creativity) with the shoes!
    Good luck!

  8. I have to say the black/charcoal/dk brown pants sound like they would be the best choice to got with the tops that you already have. I feel your 1 pair of jeans pain. I have been trying to lose weight for a few years and haven't had a lot of luck. Things kinda clicked last fall and I lost nearly 10lbs and was thrilled. But I have stalled out! :( So, I have a lot of clothes but most don't fit or I don't feel comfortable in them. And I like you don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes I hope to not be wearing soon! Luckly I am a nurse, so I get to wear scrubs to work!

  9. Congrats on the interview! Good luck!

    I like the charcoal pants...

  10. I'm thinkin' black pants, black cardigan and a red top underneath the cardigan. If you have red shoes, wear those. If not, black shoes.

    Good luck with the interview!

  11. Congratulations on getting an interview!

    I agree with the above comments that it's best to dress conservatively with maybe just a touch of something fun, like cute shoes or a colorful top. I would go with black or charcoal pants; the khaki is a bit casual for an interview. Of course, it depends on where you're interviewing. Do you mind mentioning what type of job it's for? Then we can maybe narrow it down for you and maybe be more specific in our advice. (Although I think everyone has offered great advice so far :)

    Red is considered a power color, and people often suggest wearing it (in small amounts) when going for an interview or asking for a raise. So maybe black pants and a black cardigan with a red top underneath. Unfortunately, I don't look good in red, so I have a pastel-blue business suit I wear, and I have gotten compliments on it from interviewers. Wear something with a color that looks really good on you.

    Also, stick to simple hair and makeup with maybe a fun piece of jewelery. If your hair is unwieldy (isn't it always when one is trying to impress? :) go with a low ponytail at the nape of the neck so it looks sleek and pulled together without looking too casual.

    Unfortunately, it's better to air on the side of "boring" rather than risk going overboard on clothing when dressing for an interview.

    Best of luck!!

  12. Hands down, #1. It is SO classic, but more importantly, extremely trimming. That's one of the wonders of black. : )
    Let us know how things go.

  13. Congratulations on your interview in this scary economic time! I really do like that gray. It's a little less harsh than black (she says while wearing black slacks and black turtleneck and black'd think I was going to a funeral). Anyway, I'd say gray sweats, basic white tee and up some way? Accessorize too! Pearls? Pearls are always forgiving. :) GOOD LUCK!!

  14. Black pants, black pants, black pants.
    In case u missed it, I would go with the black pants.
    They are tres versatile!

  15. Black pants are always an interview staple! is slimming! You can put ANY color with it! I would go with black pants and a black can find some inexpensive blazers! Nordstrom has their own line that is not as expensive...Express and Limited are always a good places to look too! Do up the black with a brighter shirt! The turquoise would work out well!! Good luck!

  16. Hey girl! Congrats on the interview. And good luck with it as well! I have one amazing pair of black pants that if I had this style/fabric/design in numerous colors, I'd be a happy woman. They are from Kohl's and Daisy Fuentes makes them. So great. Anyways! I'd steer away from the super light pants for right now. It's not yet spring and they are just a little to light for right now...even for California. I really love the gray pants. Gosh, they are nice! The great thing about gray is that you can pair darker colors...reds, blacks, teals with them or lighter such as pink, a soft yellow or a baby blue. Gray is hot. Go with gray. I would recommend a blazer for your interview - if the place you are interviewing is a dressier kind of place. Meaning you'd wear dress clothes m ost days at the job. You don't have to go for a matching blazer and pants though. If you go with the gray...what about a creamy white blazer with a black shirt underneath? Or a black blazer with a great sparkely chunky necklace? Let us know what you decide!

  17. i'd go with blak or charcoal pants for an interview, and add a little color with your shirt. good luck!

  18. Ummmm...I dunno. The last time I had a job interview or even worked outside my home, we were in a whole other century! (LOL) That being said, I'd go with the black pants. You just can't go wrong there. Girl, I am the cardigan or two in every color. LOVE THEM! I agree with alot of the commenters about dressing conservatively, with maybe a pop of fun color with your shoes. Good luck!

    Luv ~ Amanda

  19. I am so not the one to answer this question. :) They all look really nice to me!

  20. Unfortuneately I do have to work. Black pants are great. They look very profesh, and you can wear that black pair of pants more than once a week. They go with anything! You get more bang for your buck with black.

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  22. Well, first off...I was surfing blogs (how fun is that) and found you. Congrats on the interview!! My tendancy is grey/charcoal. Simple, classic, and professional.

    Super cute blog. I'll be back!

  23. I love all these outfits. I am so not the person to be telling you what to wear. I do better shopping at lowes. Good luck with your job hunting!

  24. I would do the Charcoal. I think that it can be just as forgiving as the black. And wear a cute pair of shoes as well. And accessorize simply, nothing to gaudy or gauche!

    Hmmm... I sound like a mother! Well, even though I'm not. . . I think it's good advice anyway.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  25. I definitely like the style of Khaki pants you posted.. totally cute, hip, and still professional. You are also always safe wearing a skirt! If you wear khaki, you can easily wear a black top and voila! Hope this helps ; )


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