Can I just say you all are amazing! It's like I had all my best girlfriends over at my house before high school prom, and you were all fussing over me and what I should wear...oh how I love being a girl!
Everyone had fantastic input and brought up things I never would have even considered! As requested...here is the update on what I decided to wear...
My first stop was to Target where they had this fantastic blazer on clearance! (And they have one in cream as well...I am really considering it...but maybe I should wait for my first paycheck! lol) There I am in Target looking for pants and possibly a shirt and I cannot get over how cute the blazer is! So yes, I splurged on the blazer...I considered it an investment. ;)I wandered around a bit and found some black pants on sale so I thought I'd try them on. After all of your input, I realized that black was probably the most versatile and reasonable for where I am at right now. If I am wearing the same jeans everyday, I will probably be doing the same with these pants. As mentioned, with black I can get "more bang for my buck" and wear them multiple times a week. I also found that I have a lot of black shoes and fun colorful jewelry...so I think black will best suit my existing accessory wardrobe.
Everyone said "pop of color!" Okay, okay...! I was going to go for a red shirt but the ones I had just didn't look right. I hit Ross in hopes of finding some fun red number but no luck. I came across this purple shirt and found it the most flattering of what I tried on. Plus I have zero purple...so adding a new color to my wardrobe was fun.
I was told simple hair is the way to go...which I totally agree! Isn't it those days that we are trying to impress that are hair is 10 times bigger and more extravagant than it needs to be...or for some reason it just won't do it's normal thing...well that is totally me! A ponytail was perfect...easy, normal, and no fuss!
To accessorize a bit, I added these purple earrings (which of course I have never worn because I have never owned purple...I got them as a gift). I didn't have any fun shoes to match the purple shirt so I thought I'd go with the earrings instead. They are big but not too gaudy...I was happy how it pulled everything together.
It was tempting to spring for a new pair of shoes as well...but I had to draw the line! How fun would leopard print be with the purple shirt!!! Well, if I can't have fun shoes, I can at least have fun toe nails!And the purse...I love this one but I never use it because it is too small...Yes, I said too small! I got some great advice about carrying a small purse because it helps you look more put together. Boy was this correct...seeing it in comparison to my giant size every day purses really made a difference...because, well, I am the bag lady...seriously...I need all that stuff...everyday... ;)

Thank you everyone for being so encouraging and giving great feedback...it gave me a little extra boost of confidence knowing you all believed in me! :) And I am happy to report that I got hired for a substitute teaching position! Yay!