Baby Shower Beauties

After long agonizing over my cupcake abilities and all your fine baking expertise, I went for simple frosting, do-da's, and a banner.

I think they came out fantastic.

If you are not up to speed, no, I am not having a baby...hehe... My sister in law was throwing a baby shower and asked me to make some special cupcakes for the party. First came the baking, frosting, and sprinkles...
Then I piped some melted vanilla chips (some colored yellow with food coloring) into fun shapes.

After the do-da's hardened, they got placed on top of each cupcake...are you drooling yet?

A little banner to tie together the baby celebration!
Don't forget a cupcake's all about the presentation (mine is Wilton and can be found at craft stores like Michael's and Joann's, and I often spot them at Ross as well)!
My sister in law says she is not crafty, but I think she just proved herself wrong by all these delightful decorations she made using the Cricket. Neither of us have kids yet so it was fun to gooo and gaaa over baby stuff since we don't get to on a regular basis!

My favorite garland by far! It was like the stork just dropped them off as they hung from the ceiling!

Now this piece is absolutely the cutest thing I have seen...she went to town hanging these sweet baby clothes by a clothes line. How fun is that! Such a great shower idea...then you can give the momma-to-be the clothes to take home as well! Love it!
I also thought this would be an adorable decoration for a nursery...and cheap! Just hang those clothes up! Short on storage space? Just rotate out the clothes! And while you are at it, save your energy bill and hang them wet! Oh poor children someday, trying to sleep with wet clothes dripping on their little faces while in the crib!

If I didn't want a baby, I do now! Oh well, I will have to settle on another cupcake for now!

Do you have any fun baby shower ideas? How do you decorate for showers on the cheap? <p>