Sacramento Antique Fair

With my chai tea in hand and scarf around my neck, I forged the streets of Downtown Sacramento with my dear girlfriend (who got up at the crack of dawn for me...don't you love those friends!) to set my sights on some gorgeous antique finds.

I was on the hunt to find Tracey from the blog, Notes from a Cottage Industry...remember what I made her? Well, how appropriately, she had these sweet little cupcakes for all her bloggy visitors! She truly is the cupcake queen!

Tracey was a delight to meet and I also got to meet her partner, the other Tracy! Both so sweet and so talented, I soaked in all of their amazing creations. Here is some delicious eye candy from their booth...I love this coffee filter garland...

Shredding old newspaper and books makes an easy and lovely filler...

Another fabulous booth was Marilyn's from Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn. I have never been to her blog before but was delighted to find her here at the fair. I will be reading now!

She had so much of this glorious fresh moss...beautiful!
I love the sheet music on the plate here...

How cute to throw your little nest in a tree!

I loved the idea of putting glitter in little salt and pepper shakers!Another new bloggy friend, Jacque, from Old Soul Studios and The Creative Gardener had wonderful garden style decor. Here is her take on the heart on the fence...I love the idea but wanted mine a little more shabby...(you will see what I did at the end of this post)

Cute vintage cards spell out fun words...I am kicking myself for not purchasing any of these but it was all so overwhelming!

After all the beautiful things I saw, I settled on a few fun pieces that fit my style (and well, my budget!)I love how cute these vintage photos looked pinned up by glittery pink clothes pins on my new chicken wire memo board.

Here is my take on the heart and fence...ain't she gorgeous!

I am going to paint this little crate and use it to organize my craft stuff. I had a lovely morning and enjoyed all the beautiful sights to be seen. It was also neat to be able to meet such lovely ladies whose blogs constantly inspire me.

At the end of the many darling little money. So here is my little list of things I will be thrifting for in hopes of making a few of my own creations...

-sheet music
-clothes pins
-old books
-old address numbers
-old alphabet cards

Do you have a thrift list? What are you on the hunt for right now?


  1. OH HOW FUN, how fun, how fun, how fun! Pretty doo-dads and great friends! Can't beat that.

    Love all the ideas. I'm right on the clothes pin idea.

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so glad I didn't go there...kinda...but I would have spent a thousand dollars easily!! I loved everything! Great picture of you two!! I have a scarf just like that. ;) Isnt' it fun meeting blogging friends. :)

  3. This looks like so much fun!!!! Right now, I have cream/white pottery on my list.

  4. Ashley,
    What a fabulous post! I LOVED it. I felt like I was there with you....I only hate I couldnt buy some of those beauties! I am going to go and visiit those blogs! Thanks for taking me along with you on your shopping trip. It was wonderful!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  5. ok - you have way too many adorable pics and I want to study them when I have more time....what fun. WOW!

  6. Wow! That did look like an exciting day! I'm so jealous. I've got nothing like that around here. I can't even imagine all the wonderful things you saw! Do you know how to make a chicken wire memo board?

  7. it looks like you came across some fabulous stuff! how did you ever decide what to buy?!? i think i would have wanted to take it all! thank you for sharing your pictures!

  8. Thanks my dear for your kind words about our stuff, your heart on the fence looks great! It was nice to meet you, we will be back in May, probably in a different spot, so you will need to look for us. The alphabet cards are 25 cents each so if you are unable to find any let me know if you want me to mail you some. Thank you for linking my blog, I already have new viewers from it. Take care~Jacque

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time and got lots of great stuff and inspiration. I live in a town known for antiques, but rarely get to go thrifting. You have inspired me to make it a priority. I love anything with a story behind it. Congrats on your finds, they are perfect!

  10. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog and your compliments. I see that we like a lot of the same blogs! I will surely come back again and check out your blog some more! Love your Blog Name!

  11. I totally love going to antique stores and looking at all of the possible things that can be reformed and newly decorated! But I think that at times, garage sales do just as good! :D Haha

  12. Sacramento?! My best friend might be taking a job there... and I might move with her!! {Maybe, maybe, maybe... all up in the air right now, but possibly!!} :)

  13. Oh my! I am drooling all over my keyboard right now. Thank you for taking us along via some great pics. I too would have been overwhelmed and indecisive and not know what to buy or where to start. Love the ideas.


  14. Gosh, how fun would it be to go there?? You lucky girl! I just loved looking at all of the photos. So neat to see what people do. All way too cute! How did Tracey like your thing you made her?

  15. Hi,

    I was there too. And met Marilyn and Tracey. Cindy from My Romantic Home was there too. We walked around and found a few treasures. It was a great day and a beautiful day.


  16. How fun! Thanks for taking so many pictures--it was a great tour!

  17. All of you bloggers in CA have THE best shows to go to!! I'm so jealous, there's nothing like that in St Louis!!

    Thanks for taking us along with you!!


  18. what lovely pictures! did you make the heart on the fence?


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