White Plate Fetish

I have a white plate fetish...clean, timeless, and a perfect backdrop for pops of color...you just cannot go wrong. I painted the back of my hutch blue so that white plates could be beautifully showcased (just like you said Martha!). I have seen a handful of ladies taking old plates and making them into white masterpieces. You know I was all over this easy spray paint project...quick and inexpensive, I love creating non-artwork-wall-art! Here are the before pictures...these were all found at the thrift store...the cheaper the better! I tried looking for plates that had a little character so that they would stand out more...think curved edges or designs that pop off the plate.
After some quick spray paint coats, these babies were ready to rock an empty frame and bold mirror...
This blank wall went from drab to fab in just minutes...
I also added the remaining plates to some "filler" spots.
Empty spaces were quickly pulled together with a simple white plate.
Now if only I could eat off of them as well...!

And a last note...I was delighted to find I was featured on two very fabulous blogs...Today's Creative Blog and Tip Junkie (and I would like to mention the embarrassing TV cord has been finally put away!). Go check out these awesome ladies and see why I am grinning from ear to ear today! :)