I am in love with the beautiful bird cages that I have seen lately. The problem is, the lovely things are just so darn expensive! As always, I have found a more frugal approach to adding these items to my home. A few thrift store finds brought me some gorgeous nesting homes...perfect for Spring!
Green vines...most definitely not my thing...
...transformed into a beautiful white centerpiece.
I have had this one for awhile but recently decided it needed to be white.
And I am so glad I did!
This mini cage was too adorable to pass up!
I sat it on top of a little bird bath for some added height and bird appeal.
Isn't she lovely?
I also recently found these little signs at the Dollar Tree that had silly Easter sayings on them. I spray painted them with chalkboard paint for some fun little signs.
This is a sneak peek to a mirror I also found at the thrift know there will be some paint involved! I also hope the little Easter treats are getting you in the mood for more Easter decorations...I will be posting those when it gets a little closer.

Are you into the bird fad? What fad can you just not get enough of right now?