Mother's Day eBook

Remember these fun pillow ideas? Well the eBook is out and I am a giddy crafter... You can download it via or download the pdf file right here. You will see my smiling face on page 18. Print it out or save it on your computer...there are some really cute Mother's Day ideas...including very kid friendly ones. I guess you can show your kids how to make it and pretend to be surprised...? Not really sure how that works...anyways, I especially love the topiary, paper cards, pin cushion, and tea towel.
What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day (because I could really use some ideas...)?


  1. Yea for the eBook. I'll be downloading it. I have NO idea what I'm doing for my mom. The lucky womamn is going to be vacationing in Hawaii over Mother's Day so I'm sure she won't care what I get her!

  2. Boy, I wish I had seen that BEFORE I got rid of all those old doilies. ;-)
    I usually get Mom a top, then I make her some matching jewelry...go figure.
    I help the kiddos make a craft and she beems over it.

  3. My brothers and I are thinking of just a grandkid free dinner at a nice restaurant. We get together with the whole family alot, which doesn't leave a lot of adult conversation. So, just a relaxed dinner with no distractions.

  4. Ooooh, great book idea! I have NO clue what to get my mom--she doesn't like anything!!! My MIL is much easier--anything that has to do with tea/tea parties or gardening. :)

  5. I am so downloading the e-book. I love your blog and all the great ideas you give us!
    My mom loves home decor so I'm going to get a ceiling medallion, spray paint it, and she can hang it on her wall for some great eye candy. My MIL has everything so I never know what to get her.

  6. well if you aren't the most clever crafter ever! thanks for sharing the wealth!!!!

  7. You are stinkin famous Ashley! Congrats on the e-book. BTW, those flower clippies from your last post...sooooo cute! Hey, I have an idea...come to my new shop and get your mama a little sumpn'sumpn'. Just kidding. You are the queen of craftiness. I'm sure you will make her something fabulous!

    Hugs ~ Amanda

  8. So, so cute!

    My mom told us she doesn't want us to buy her anything...she wants us to help her clean out the garage (25 years worth of the junk she and my dad have compiled!)

    I think that's the worst present idea ever...don't you?

  9. Oh man I love that pillow! Gorg!
    Thanks for stopping by, made my day!

  10. love the ebook!!!
    i have no idea what to give my mom, maybe i should just give her a spa day.
    that always works.

  11. Can't wait to see the ebook. I have my kids make things and then give them to Grandma. Don't know what we're doing this year, though.

  12. Can't wait to see the ebook. I have my kids make things and then give them to Grandma. Don't know what we're doing this year, though.

  13. Congrats on the e-book! Sounds awesome!

  14. Congrats on the e-book!! Can't wait to take a look.

    I'm going to get some vases for all the moms/grandmothers in my life and have my stepsons (carefully) use etching gel to create designs on them. I haven't tried this before, so it could be a disaster with teen boys, but I'm sure if you did it it would turn out great! Then I'm going to put flowers in the vases for Mother's Day bouquets.

  15. Wow - how cool! That book looks amazing!!!

    I need some ideas too!


  16. My mom is the lady who has everything, and I mean everything.
    This year I am going to try and just take a day with her, just the two of us, do some window shopping, lunch, and maybe pedicures or something.

    PS Love the pillow.


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